Trailer Breakaway Switch Kit 12V Brake Away Electric Safety Switch

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  • Trailer breakaway switch.
  • Trailer breakaway switch with the pull tab pulled out of the switch.
  • Trailer breakaway switch back view.
  • Trailer breakaway switch measurements.
  • Safety switch. Activates electric brakes if pulled out. Provides extra protection. Hooks into electrical breaking system.
  • Close up on the pull tab of the switch.
  • Trailer breakaway switch front view.
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Traveling with a trailer, camper, toy hauler, and other towables can be great fun and offer a lot of freedom. However, towing and hauling can be a dangerous game if you are not set up for safety - not just for you but for other drivers as well! Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to improve the safety of your towing setup, such as with the RecPro 12v Breakaway Switch!

What is a breakaway switch? A breakaway switch is a simple device that can have a significant impact on the road safety of your towing setup, especially in an emergency. It is a device designed to do one thing: a breakaway switch activates the electric brakes of your trailer or towable should it become detached from the tow vehicle.

Close up on the pull tab of the switch.It is clear to see how a breakaway switch can help improve your towing and hauling adventures. If you want to add safety to your towing and hauling, RecPro’s 12v Breakaway Switch Cable is an ideal choice. Our breakaway switch cable measures 48” long, giving you plenty of length to work with. It features a strong braided steel cable in addition to 16 AWG wiring. The RecPro 12v Breakaway Switch is powered by a 12v DC battery. The battery is non-replaceable. The breakaway switch is easy to install onto your towing vehicle and towable, taking only a few minutes time. Installation tools and hardware are not included with the RecPro 12v Breakaway Switch.

Trailer breakaway switch with the pull tab pulled out of the switch.If you want an easy way to help ensure your safety - as well as the safety of others - while towing or hauling on the road, a 12v Breakaway Switch from RecPro is a great way to do so. You can use our user-friendly website to easily order one for your towing setup today. Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team over the phone if you have any questions or comments.

Breakaway switch wiring diagram.

Looped end attaches to the towing vehicle. Switch attaches to trailer frame. Durable construction.


  • 48” length
  • Braided steel cable
  • 12v DC
  • 16 AWG wiring
  • Battery-powered (non-replaceable)
  • Improves road safety when towing
  • Engages electric brakes on the trailer if it becomes detached

Trailer breakaway switch measurements.

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