Suction Cup RV Antenna Mount

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  • Suction Cup RV Antenna Mount
  • Suction Cup RV Antenna Mount
  • Suction Cup RV Antenna Mount
  • Suction Cup RV Antenna Mount
  • Suction Cup RV Antenna Mount
  • Suction Cup RV Antenna Mount
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Have you ever stuck your hand out of the car window while driving? Then you likely remember the pressure of the wind pressing on your hand, with the wind only getting stronger the faster you go. This same wind pressure occurs when you are traveling on the country’s many open roads and highways! Unfortunately, this means that your RV antenna can take quite a pounding from the wind unless you glue or screw it to your rig. Are you looking for a way to mount your RV antenna without using screws, tapes, or glues? Look no further than the Suction Cup RV Antenna Mount from RecPro.


This antenna suction cup mount easily helps you keep your antenna securely attached to your rig. With its durable corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy design, you can rest easy knowing this suction cup mount will not rust or erode away and has the strength to withstand the outdoors. The suction cup mount installs in minutes by firmly attaching to smooth surfaces on your rig without the aid of tools. Even better, it is easily removable, unlike more permanent options such as screws or adhesives. It even has a dazzling silver finish, so it is sure to look good on your rig as well.


The perfect way to keep things attached to your RV with no holes or drilling required! This RV antenna mount lets you secure WiFi and Cellular antennas without marring your rig. Easy to use, removable, and non-damaging to your RV. First, clean the area you wish to attach the suction cup mount, making sure it is free of dirt and grime. Dry the area, lower the handle of the mount, and firmly press the suction cup onto your RV. Lift the handle again to apply suction and secure the mount. Attach your antenna to the mount, and you are done.

Don’t let your RV antenna get beat up by the wind until it is loose and floppy! Keep your antenna secure with a RecPro Suction Cup RV Antenna Mount of your own. Order yours today using our website or by speaking with our Customer Care Team!



  • Built with tough aluminum alloy
  • Durable, rust-proof, and corrosion resistant
  • Mount your RV antenna in seconds
  • Easy to install - easy to remove
  • Firmly attaches to smooth surfaces
  • No tools needed
  • Dimensions: 5 7/8" H (4 5/8 suction cup diameter x 6" D
  • Max pipe diameter: 1-3/4"
  • Gleaming and attractive silver color
  • Strong grip - will not slip and slide
  • Press it on, attach your antenna, and you are ready to go



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