Stackable Trailer Jack Blocks 2 Pack

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  • Stackable Trailer Jack Blocks 2 Pack
  • Stackable Trailer Jack Blocks 2 Pack
  • Stackable Trailer Jack Blocks 2 Pack
  • Stackable Trailer Jack Blocks 2 Pack
  • Stackable Trailer Jack Blocks 2 Pack
  • Stackable Trailer Jack Blocks 2 Pack
  • Stackable Trailer Jack Blocks 2 Pack
  • Stackable Trailer Jack Blocks 2 Pack
  • Stackable Trailer Jack Blocks 2 Pack
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When it comes to the camping and RVing lifestyle, few things are as annoying as an uneven rig. Most models of trailers and campers are equipped with built-in jack stands that help even out your rig so it may sit level and secure. However, there is no guarantee that your trailer jacks alone will always get the job done. Uneven terrain may offer ground contact with one jack but leave others hanging. Soft ground or loose terrains such as gravel can cause trailer jacks to sink, shift, or slide around. RecPro has the solution for irritating issues such as these in the form of our 2-pack trailer jack block.

Sturdy Support On Demand
With our trailer jack blocks, you get the additional support and height your trailer, camper, or RV needs, whenever and wherever you need it. With these trailer jack blocks, your trailer or camper will be able to handle uneven, loose, and soft terrains far more reliably. These jack blocks are designed to almost entirely reduce the movement and sway of a parked RV, trailer, or camper, giving you a more stable and safe rig.

detailThe lipped edge helps prevent your trailer jack pads from slipping and sliding around.

These trailer jack blocks are super sturdy and durable, easily handling the weight of your RV, trailer, or camper while withstanding the test of time. They are even resistant to grime, dirt, and oil, further prolonging their lifespan and making them easy to keep clean. These trailer jack blocks measure 8” high with a diameter of 12” at the base and a diameter of 9 ¾” at the top. When stacked together, these blocks measure 13 ¼” high. Do not stack these trailer jack blocks more than two high.


Simple But Versatile
StackedOur RecPro trailer jack blocks may seem like a one-trick pony, but these versatile accessories can do more than you may realize. They can double as a convenient water bucket for dousing campfires. They can serve as a suitable stool or seat if you run out of chairs. They can function as a handy footrest. Stack them up, and they can serve as a small outdoor side table.

These 2-pack trailer jack blocks are stackable if you need additional height and are also very easy to store. Included with these bright orange accessories is a very convenient carrying bag, making storage even more manageable.

bag detail



  • Vastly reduces movement and sway from your parked RV or trailer

  • Versatile design means you can also use it as:

    • A seat

    • A water bucket

    • A stand

  • Super strong and durable

  • Easy to store

  • Resists dirt and oil

  • Stackable for additional height

  • A lipped edge prevents jack pads from slipping

  • 2 pack

  • Bright orange color

  • Includes a carrying bag

  • 13 ¼” high when stacked

  • 8” High x 12” Base Diameter x 9 ¾” Top Diameter

  • Rated at 6,000 lbs (single block) and 1,500 lbs (double-stack)

*Do not stack more than two high.*


Convenient Stability For An Easier RV Life
The RV, trailer, and camper lifestyle is all about comfort and convenience. Struggling to keep your rig stable and even on the terrain it’s parked on is far from comfortable or convenient. Make things easier on yourself with these convenient trailer jack blocks. To get a 2-pack of our trailer jack blocks for your rig, talk with our Customer Care Team or use our website. If you have comments, concerns, or questions, feel free to speak with us over the phone or reach out to us online.


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