RV Window Teardrop 12" W x 22" H

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  • RV Window Teardrop 12" x 22"
  • RV Window Teardrop 12" x 22"
  • RV Window Teardrop 12" x 22"
  • RV Window Teardrop 12" x 22"
  • RV Window Teardrop 12" x 22"
  • RV Window Teardrop 12" x 22"
  • RV Window Teardrop 12" x 22"
  • RV Window Teardrop 12" x 22"
  • RV Window Teardrop 12" x 22"
  • RV Window Teardrop 12" x 22"
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RV Windows

Corner Radius

Have you looked over at your window and said, “Has that scratch always been there?” Life happens and sometimes it happens to your windows. Whether it be cracks, scratches, cloudiness, trapped moisture, or a stray ball finding its next target, life can cause your windows to be less than perfect. Or maybe you just decided that you want more light or a better view in your RV or toy hauler. Either way, our windows here at RecPro are not only great for your camper, they’re great for your wallet.

Selecting the right window can help you reduce heat loss or gain, reduce road noise, increase energy and fuel efficiency, and even more. The frame is made of lightweight anodized aluminum, which is resistant to corrosion and promotes fuel savings. The ribbed rubber seal provides a noise, air, and insect barrier to protect you from pests, and it creates a tight seal which inhibits the growth of mold. This seal helps you maintain energy efficiency by reducing heat loss and drafts. And don't forget the trim ring! It eases the installation process and enhances the stability of the window.

Designed to save you space, this window simply slides up (rather than opening inward) so that you can get some fresh air without sacrificing space. Sitting flush with the exterior, it even helps your RV maintain aerodynamics, helping your fuel efficiency out as well. The easy to clean window is lightly tinted to help reduce harmful UV rays and keep the heat of the sun from overheating the interior of your space.

tempered glass window

When you’re looking to add or replace your window, don’t settle for okay. Get a window that is a perfect fit, both for your RV and for your wallet.

Click Here to Download the Corner Radius Chart to Measure Your Existing Window


  • Rough Width: 11 5/8”
  • Rough Height: 21 5/8”
  • Overall Width: 13 1/4”
  • Overall Height: 23 1/4”
  • Optional Trim Ring for 1 1/2” wall thickness
  • Corner radius: 3.125"
  • Made in the USA
  • Tinted glass
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Central latch for securing your trailer
  • Relatively weatherproof because of design
  • Tempered
  • Hardware included with trim ring
  • Certifications:
    - AS3
    - DOT 960
    - ANSI Z26.1-1996
  • Made in America

Vertical windows are only able to be installed in the position seen in the photos. They cannot be installed upside down or on their sides.

For New Windows: The trim ring is required for the proper installation of a new window.

For Replacement Windows: The trim ring is OPTIONAL when replacing a window of the same model using its previous trim ring, as long as the previous trim ring is undamaged.

*It is recommended you include the trim ring if you are unsure if you will need it.*


Upgrade your windows with shades 1010 Sealant

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