RV Window Teardrop 42"W x 12"H

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  • RV Window Teardrop 42"W x 12"H
  • RV Window Teardrop 42"W x 12"H
  • RV Window Teardrop 42"W x 12"H
  • RV Window Teardrop 42"W x 12"H
  • RV Window Teardrop 42"W x 12"H
  • RV Window Teardrop 42"W x 12"H
  • RV Window Teardrop 42"W x 12"H
  • RV Window Teardrop 42"W x 12"H
  • RV Window Teardrop 42"W x 12"H
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corner detailWe might not be conscious of it, but human beings are always seeking enjoyment through people, places, and things. Some drivers of happiness, like spending time with family and friends, and enjoying good food, are well-known mood boosters. Others, like saving money, community involvement, and breathing, are not so obvious.

Windows speak to both the evident and obscure ways we can achieve happiness. Some of the straightforward benefits are: it fills a void, you enjoy updating your home on wheels, and it brings light into your space. Some of the not so direct paths to happiness include valuable cost savings and security.

Here are some points about RecPro's 42" x 12" horizontal sliding window that are sure to elevate your thoughts about windows.

window latchConnectivity: The maximized panes allow you to connect with neighbors and nature. Sliding it open you can talk to your neighbors and feel the fresh air. No matter the day or time, you can look out and see the world around you creating feelings of awe and wonder.

Construction: The high-quality components guarantee this window will be around for many years. Made from an anodized aluminum frame it is easy to maintain and has built-in corrosion resistance. Tempered glass is stronger than regular and, for your safety, it will fracture into small relatively harmless pieces if impacted. This order also has the optional black trim ring for an 1 1/2" wall to ease installation and increase the stability of the window.

Cost Savings: The slender design boasts energy savings at every curve. From the aerodynamic principals behind the smooth panes and contoured trim which purposefully directs air and water. To the broad trim extending completely over the edges of the cutout and seals around the glass to stop drafts. And the tinted color to resist harmful UV rays and eliminate heat loss or gain. Each part works in combination with the others to promote energy and fuel efficiency which equates to money left in your pocket.

Cover: Speaking to safety, the tinted glass conceals your interior promoting privacy, and the sliding pane latches securely to ward off intrusion. A tight seal and screen for when the window is open keeps insects at bay as well.


Everyone wants to experience optimal comfort and security when using their home away from home. Investing in great windows is a worthwhile way to have a positive long-term impact. Improving quality of life, mood, and focus by cracking the window so the room isn't stuffy or stagnant. Allowing uplifting sunshine to boost your Vitamin D and serotonin levels. Refreshing the look of your exterior (and interior when used with the optional internal trim). Providing a picturesque backdrop for your family. Extending fuel economy and energy efficiency. Windows add all kinds of happiness to your world.

Click Here to Download the Corner Radius Chart to Measure Your Existing Window



  • Rough Width: 41 5/8"
  • Rough Height: 11 5/8"
  • Overall Width: 43 1/4"
  • Overall Height: 13 1/4"
  • Sliding Window Surface: 18 1/4"W x 9 5/8"H
  • Optional Trim Ring for 1 1/2” wall thickness
  • Corner radius: 3.125"
  • Made in America
  • Tinted glass
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Optional Black Trim Ring for 1 1/2" wall thickness
  • Central latch for securing your trailer
  • Relatively weatherproof because of design
  • Tempered
  • Hardware included with trim ring
  • Certifications:
  • - AS3
    - DOT 960
    - ANSI Z26.1-1996

For New Windows: The trim ring is required for the proper installation of a new window.
For Replacement Windows: The trim ring is OPTIONAL when replacing a window of the same model using its previous trim ring, as long as the previous trim ring is undamaged.
*It is recommended you include the trim ring if you are unsure if you will need it.*

Horizontal windows are only able to be installed in the position seen in the photos or upside down. They cannot be installed on their sides due to the location of the weep holes.

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