RV Wheel and Tire Package - T16 Black Machine

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  • RV Wheel and Tire Package - T16 Black Machine
  • RV Wheel and Tire Package - T16 Black Machine
  • RV Wheel and Tire Package - T16 Black Machine
  • RV Wheel and Tire Package - T16 Black Machine
  • RV Wheel and Tire Package - T16 Black Machine
  • RV Wheel and Tire Package - T16 Black Machine
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wheelWhat good is a rim without a tire? What use is a tire without a rim? What do you do if your RVs tire pops and you don't have a spare? Don't wait for a tough situation to occur to figure these things out; make sure your rig is fully equipped with the wheels and tires it needs with the help of RecPro!

Whether you need to replace a damaged tire and rim or you simply want to get a few spares for your RV, RecPro has you covered. Having a spare tire is a common habit amongst many drivers, even in the RVing community. At RecPro, we are proud to offer this excellent wheel and tire combo for RVs, trailers, and towables!

RVs, campers, and trailers are often called "mobile homes" or "homes on wheels". However, your rig won't be very mobile, nor can it be called a home on wheels if it's lacking… well, wheels and tires. With RecPro's wheel and tire combos, you can get your rig rolling again with ease or have a few spares in case of an emergency.

detailThis combo's wheel, or rim, is crafted out of heavy-duty aluminum metal. This metal construction makes the rim incredibly durable, exactly what you would want from a piece of road equipment. Furthermore, the aluminum metal is lightweight, will not rust, and is resistant to corrosion. This wheel is available in sizes ranging from 14" to 16", with a lug pattern ranging from 5 lugs to 8 lugs. Lug nuts are NOT included with the wheel and tire combo.

tire comboThis wheel features a lovely black and silver finish on the rim and spokes, making it a great accent to the rest of your rig's design. Included with this wheel is a silver center cap to complete the look. This wheel and tire combo is not intended for motorized vehicles, only towables. Depending on the size and lug pattern you select, this wheel will include an ST205/75R14D tire, ST205/75R15E tire, ST225/75R15E tire, LT235/75R15C tire, ST225/75R15E tire, LT235/75R15C tire, ST235/80R16E tire, ST235/80R16G tire, ST235/80R16E tire, ST235/80R16G tire, or ST235/85R16G tire. The wheel and tire combo come pre-inflated and ready for installation.

You won't be going on many adventures without wheels and tires to keep you rolling along the road. Any carefully planned trip can come to a sudden stop from a flat tire when you don't have a spare. Make sure you have the wheels and tires you need with the help of RecPro. If you have any questions or comments, reach out to our Customer Care Team over the phone, or contact us online.



  • Aluminum metal material
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Finish: Black and Silver
  • Includes center caps
  • Wheel + Tire combo
  • Multiple variants for size and lug nut layout

Wheel + Tire Options:

  • 14", 5-Lug, with ST205/75R14D
  • 15", 5-Lug, with ST205/75R15E
  • 15", 5-Lug, with ST225/75R15E
  • 15", 5-Lug, with LT235/75R15C
  • 15", 6-Lug, with ST225/75R15E
  • 15", 6-Lug, with LT235/75R15C
  • 16", 6-Lug, with ST235/80R16E
  • 16", 6-Lug, with ST235/80R16G
  • 16", 8-Lug, with ST235/80R16E
  • 16", 8-Lug, with ST235/80R16G
  • 16", 8-Lug, with ST235/85R16G


Size B.P. Offset Center Bore Max Load
14X5.5 5/4.5 0 3.19 2,200LBS@75PSI
15X6 5/4.5 0 3.19 3,200LBS@95PSI
15X6 6/5.5 0 3.75 3,200LBS@95PSI
16X6.5 6/5.5 0 3.75 3,750LBS@110PSI
16X6.5 8/6.5 0 4.90 4,400LBS@110PSI
Size Load Rating (LR) Rim Diameter Tire Capacity Outside Diameter Width Rated Speed
ST205/75R14 D 14" 2,040LBS 26.1" 8" 81 mph
ST205/75R15 D 15" 2,150LBS 27.1" 8" 81 mph
ST225/75R15 E 15" 2,860LBS 28.3" 8.8" 81 mph
LT235/75R15 C 15" 1,985LBS 29.1" 9.3" 99 mph
ST235/80R16 E 16" 3,520LBS 30.8" 9.3" 81 mph
ST235/80R16 G 16" 4,080LBS 30.8" 9.3" 81 mph
ST235/85R16 G 16" 4,400LBS 31.7" 9.3" 75 mph
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