RV Water Tank Adhesive Sensors

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  • RV Water Tank Adhesive Sensors
  • RV Water Tank Adhesive Sensors
  • RV Water Tank Adhesive Sensors
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No RV is perfect. Maybe you installed the tanks and wiring yourself or had someone else install them, or maybe they were the ones already in your RV when you bought it. No matter the case, when you need to repair your RV, RecPro is the best choice, providing quality products at low prices. Our brand new water tank adhesive sensors are no exception.

Sold exclusively by RecPro, these sensors conveniently stick to your tanks, rather than drilling holes in them like normal sensors, saving you the trouble of drilling plus the stress of placing the sensors or worrying about the integrity of the tank. While you do need to know the level of water left in your tanks, it can be a little alarming to drill holes in them to do so. Properly installed, they last through the life of the tank, providing you with accurate readings for your control panel.


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