RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 60" Tall

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  • RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 60" Tall
  • RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 60" Tall
  • RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 60" Tall
  • RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 60" Tall
  • RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 60" Tall
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ladderIf you're finding it difficult to get in and out of your RV bunk bed, a bunk ladder is the best solution, and the RecPro 60" Telescoping Bunk Ladder is one of the safest options you can find.

Bunk Beds Made Easy
buckleThe RV or camper lifestyle comes with a variety of challenges, but getting into your bunk bed shouldn't be one of them. This telescoping bunk ladder from RecPro is designed to make it more accessible and safer to get in and out of the top bunk in your RV. Our ladder has a telescoping design that allows it to collapse easily using sliding buttons for easier storage when not in use. The harness and buckle on our telescoping ladder prevent it from opening when you transport it. This ladder also boasts an ergonomic handle for easy relocation across different locations.

Improved Stability
bracketThe RecPro 60-inch Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder has several features that assist you in climbing into or out of your bunk bed safely. The bottom of this ladder, for example, is fitted with heavy-duty rubber caps over the feet. These textured rubber caps give you better grip and traction while climbing, ensuring that the ladder does not slide or slip as you ascend. The RecPro Telescoping Bunk Ladder comes with two steel brackets for attaching to your bunk bed's frame. They create a secure hook on the top of the ladder while in use, giving you more stability as you climb.


Durable and Long Lasting
collapsedThe RecPro 60" Telescoping Bunk Ladder is both lightweight and durable. With a maximum height of 60 inches and a width of 17 ¼ inches, this easy-to-use ladder is perfect for accessing the top bunk. Our product is crafted from sturdy aluminum metal yet offers a maximum weight capacity of up to 300lbs. When you have to save space in your RV, choosing products that are lightweight is essential!




  • 60" high x 17 ¼" wide
  • Hooks onto the bed for added stability
  • Textured steps
  • Strap and buckle hold collapsed ladder together
  • Convenient ergonomic carry handle
  • Heavy-duty rubber feet
    • Treaded for superior traction and grip
    • Resists slipping and sliding
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Simple sliding buttons for easy operation
  • Collapses for easy and convenient storage
  • Includes 2 steel female brackets
  • 300lb maximum weight capacity
  • Black



Less Struggle, More Relaxing
Unwinding and relaxation are key while RVing or camping, so don't let little things like needing help getting into the top bunk of your RV hold you back! The 60" Telescoping Bunk Ladder from RecPro means that you won't have to struggle any longer. Order yours conveniently through our website or by giving our Customer Care Team a call today!


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