RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Tall

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  • RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Tall
  • RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Tall
  • RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Tall
  • RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Tall
  • RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Tall
  • RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Tall
  • RV Telescoping Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Tall
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ladderHave you ever tried climbing into a bunk bed without using a ladder? It can be a challenge, to say the least, and a dangerous endeavor at worst! If you are looking for a little more stability in your RVing life, the 52" Telescoping Bunk Ladder from RecPro is an excellent choice.

buckleThere are many challenges that come with the RV lifestyle. Getting into your bunk bed should not be one of them. This telescoping bunk ladder is designed to help you or guests get in and out of the bunk bed in your rig with greater ease and safety. Our ladder features a telescoping design, meaning it can easily collapse using easy-to-operate sliding buttons for convenient storage when not in use. When collapsed, our ladder is held together using a built-in buckle and strap, preventing the ladder from opening up as you carry it. Speaking of carrying, this ladder even has a very convenient ergonomic handle that helps you easily move the ladder from one place to another.

Safety And Stability
bracketThis 52" telescoping bunk ladder has several features that help you stay safer when climbing in or out of your bunk bed. Take the bottom of this ladder as an example. The feet of this ladder are covered with heavy-duty rubber caps. These rubber caps are textured, which provides extra grip and traction to prevent the ladder from slipping or sliding as you climb. The RecPro Telescoping Bunk Ladder includes two female steel brackets. These brackets secure to the frame of your bunk bed, giving the top of the ladder a place to securely hook onto and further adding to the ladder's stability during use.


Durable Construction
foldedOur 52" Telescoping Bunk Ladder is designed to last. This ladder can extend up to 52" and measures 17 ¼" wide, helping you easily reach that top bunk with little effort. Our ladder is built using heavy-duty aluminum metal, giving impressive structural integrity and strength. This heavy-duty aluminum metal helps give this ladder a maximum weight capacity of up to 300lbs. Although heavy-duty and built to be tough, aluminum metal makes this ladder incredibly lightweight. When you are living the RV lifestyle, every pound counts!




  • 52" high x 17 ¼" wide
  • Hooks onto the bed for added stability
  • Textured steps
  • Strap and buckle hold collapsed ladder together
  • Convenient ergonomic carry handle
  • Heavy-duty rubber feet
  • Treaded for superior traction and grip
  • Resists slipping and sliding
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Simple sliding buttons for easy operation
  • Collapses for easy and convenient storage
  • Includes 2 steel female brackets
  • 300lb maximum weight capacity
  • Black



Reach New Heights With Ease
RVing and camping are all about relaxing and having a great time. Getting into the top bunk of your RV bunk bed should not be a struggle! With the 52" Telescoping Bunk Ladder from RecPro, that struggle will disappear. Use our website or give our Customer Care Team a call to order yours today!


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