RV Tankless Water Heater 12 V On Demand Hot Water Heater 60,000 BTU

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  • RV Tankless Water Heater 12 V On Demand Hot Water Heater 60,000 BTU
  • RV Tankless Water Heater 12 V On Demand Hot Water Heater 60,000 BTU
  • RV Tankless Water Heater 12 V On Demand Hot Water Heater 60,000 BTU
  • RV Tankless Water Heater 12 V On Demand Hot Water Heater 60,000 BTU
  • RV Tankless Water Heater 12 V On Demand Hot Water Heater 60,000 BTU
  • RV Tankless Water Heater 12 V On Demand Hot Water Heater 60,000 BTU
  • RV Tankless Water Heater 12 V On Demand Hot Water Heater 2.1GPM
  • RV Tankless Water Heater 12 V On Demand Hot Water Heater 60,000 BTU
  • RV Tankless Water Heater 12 V On Demand Hot Water Heater 60,000 BTU
  • RV Tankless Water Heater 12 V On Demand Hot Water Heater 60,000 BTU
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Stay Warm With An Instant Hot Water Heater For Your RV

water heater with white door installed on RVHot water is a luxury that many people take for granted. But, if you’ve ever had your power go out in the dead of winter, then you know just how valuable access to hot water truly is. Having hot water becomes even more valuable (and harder to come by) when you live in an RV. Many RVs have a water heater, but these appliances typically consist of a large, bulky water tank and take ages to warm up. With RecPro’s tankless RV instant water heater, you won’t have that problem.

The RecPro Tankless On Demand Water Heater is an effortless and efficient way to get hot water in your RV whenever and wherever you may need it. This unit is packed with features that can be appreciated by anyone who lives life on the open road.

woman washing coffee mug in sinkOn Demand Hot Water

The beauty of the RecPro Tankless Water Heater is that it provides you with on-demand hot water whenever you need it, whether for showering, washing dishes, and more. What’s more, this unit is a tankless water heater, so there is no need to fill up a water tank and wait for it to warm up. With the tankless design, low water flow startup, and automatic ignition, you get hot water as soon as you need it. The hot water you get is also sure to be at the perfect temperature as well. Simply set the adjustable thermostat to the temperature you want, and the electronic gas modulation and hot water temperature monitoring will ensure that you get a consistent hot water temperature.

Easy To Use

The RecPro Tankless Water Heater is a surprisingly easy appliance to use. This unit comes with a wired controller that makes it easy to control the power, temperature, and Celsius/Fahrenheit display. This controller also features the fault code display from the fault auto-diagnosis feature, which alerts you to issues via an error code.

  • black tankless water heater remote with blue led controlsAutomatic ignition
  • Wired controller with power, temperature, and Celsius-to-Fahrenheit controls
  • Fault auto-diagnosis and fault code display
  • Blower monitoring
  • Hot water temperature monitoring
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Electronic gas modulation

Layers Of Safety

As fast as RV instant hot water heaters go, you can’t get much safer than the RecPro Tankless Water Heater. This gadget is stuffed full of safety features designed to ensure you stay safe and sound. For starters, the flame-out protection will automatically detect if the flame in the on-demand water heater has gone out and immediately cut off the flow of propane gas. The RecPro Tankless Water Heater also features Low/Over-voltage shutdown, automatic freezing protection, and blower monitoring, giving you a super safe appliance you can put your trust in. Further enhancing the safety of this stellar piece of equipment is the pre-equipped pressure relief valve, a super important type of safety valve that is designed to prevent your water system from becoming over-pressurized - a potentially dangerous situation!

  • Flameout protection
  • Low-Voltage/Over-Voltage shutdown
  • Automatic freezing protection
  • Pre-Installed pressure relief valve

safety features



  • Higher BTU for faster and more efficient heating
  • On demand hot water
  • Low water flow startup
  • Consistent hot water temperature
  • Tankless water heater
  • Easy to control
  • Extensive safety features
  • Variable heating for increased efficiency
  • 30% more powerful than our 6L water heater

The Specs

Now that we’ve covered all the features that make this tankless instant hot water heater special let's go over some of the important technical specifications. This unit runs on 12v DC power and draws 3 amps, with variable heating for increased efficiency. This unit offers a maximum gas input of 60,000 BTU/HR and a minimum gas input of 12,000 BTU/HR using LP propane gas only. Before moving on, let’s clarify something important; what is a BTU and why is it important for your water heater? The BTU represents the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. A higher BTU means a higher and more efficient heat output. So, what does this mean for this tankless water heater? With 60,000 BTU’s, this tankless on-demand water heater is capable of heating your water faster and maintaining that heat more efficiently than our 42,000 BTU water heater (RP-1057W), which is great for your propane usage. To put it simply; this 60,000 BTU water heater gives you hot water faster, keeps it hot more easily, and uses your propane more efficiently. The amount of hot water you get, or Gallons per Minute (GPM), depends on the amount and temperature of water flowing into the water heater. Low water flowing in means less water flowing out, and cold water takes more time and energy to heat up. But, thanks to the Low Water Flow Startup feature and the powerful heating capabilities of this 60,000 tankless water heater, you can still enjoy steaming hot water in seconds, even if your water flow is low or the water coming in is icy cold. As far as your water goes, this RecPro Tankless Water Heater offers a temperature range of 95°F-122°F, with an applicable water pressure of 14.5 PSI-116 PSI.

When you have an on-demand water heater like this on your side, living in an RV becomes far more enjoyable. You can take advantage of nice, hot water whenever you need it, and without needing to wait for a water tank to heat up! Use our website to order the RecPro Tankless Water Heater for your rig, or speak with our helpful Customer Care Team for further assistance.


  • 12V DC
  • 20 Watts
  • Approx 3A
  • Variable Stage
  • Max Gas Input: 60000 BTU/HR
  • Min Gas Input: 12000 BTU/HR
  • Max Gas Inlet Pressure: 13” WC (3.23kPa)
  • Min Gas Inlet Pressure: 11” WC (2.74kPa)
  • Min/Max Water Pressure: 14.5 - 150 PSI
  • Manifold Pressure: 1.37” - 5.18” WC (0.34 - 1.29 kPa)
  • Gas Connection Size: ⅜” NPT (5x0.94 MM)
  • Fuel type: LP (Propane)
  • Temperature range: 95°F - 122°F
  • Applicable water pressure: 14.5-116 PSI
  • Cold Water Inlet: ½” NPT
  • Hot Water Outlet: ½” NPT
  • Propane Pressure Regulator: 2.74 kPa, ⅜” NPT
  • Door Dimensions: 15"H x 15"W or 18"H x 18"W Options
  • Dimensions (Back section): 12 1/2" H x 12 1/2" W x 14 1/2" D


Amount of water coming out of the heater depends on the amount of water put into the water heater

If the temperature of the water flowing into the water heater is less than 43°F or higher than 90°, the water heater will not heat the water. If the water in the pipes is colder than 43°, it is recommended to use tank and tubing heater pads to heat the water before it reaches the water heater.

At higher altitudes, this unit will have two problems: the thermal efficiency will decrease and the power will be lost, and the insufficient combustion will lead to worse combustion conditions, substandard combustion emissions, or abnormal ignition. Above 4,000 ft elevation, this unit will lose 4% of its BTU for every 1,000 ft above this height.

The temperature of your water will come out cooler than the set temperature on the water heater due to heat dissipating as it travels through your water lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The water isn't getting hot. What should I do?
A: It's possible that the water flow is too large, the temperature regulation is not appropriate, or the inlet temperature of the external environment is too low.

Q: What's the minimum amount of water pressure to run the unit?
A: The unit can be started with under 0.1MPa water pressure or 0.66 gal/min water flow.

Q: What's the maximum amount of hot water per minute?
A: It depends on the temperature of the water at the inlet. Warmer water will flow through the system a bit faster than cold water.  

Q: What is the weight of the water heater?
A: 23 pounds

Q: How do you descale the water heater?
A: Use a detergent such as citric acid, and with the water temperature of 50°C, pump circulation for 20 minutes.

Q: Is the heater CSA verified?
A: Yes, it is CSA verified

Q: How long does it take for the water to heat?
A: About 15 seconds

Q: How do the doors attach to the unit?
A: The door is hinged to the unit

Q: Is the heating unit equipped with an oxygen depletion safety shutoff device?
A: They have flame-out protection devices

Q: What is the country or origin for the products?
A: China


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