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RV Tank Heater Pad 12" x 18" 12V

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  • RV Tank Heater Pad 12" x 18" 12V
  • RV Tank Heater Pad 12" x 18" 12V
  • RV Tank Heater Pad 12" x 18" 12V
  • RV Tank Heater Pad 12" x 18" 12V
  • RV Tank Heater Pad 12" x 18" 12V
  • RV Tank Heater Pad 12" x 18" 12V
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tank heating pad

Camping isn't just a summer activity anymore. With more and more people starting earlier, finishing later, and embracing the RV lifestyle and becoming full-timers, we are seeing fewer RVs being put into hibernation for the winter months. Unless everyone is staying in the southern states, chances are some are going to experience colder temperatures. Since the majority of an RV's water systems are exposed to the elements, then it will be key to insulate and/or heat the tanks and lines for year-round camping capability.


To avoid frozen liquids in your tanks and support optimal flow, warmth is key. One user-friendly way of maintaining water flow so you can shower and empty tanks at any point in your journey or extended stay is through adding tank heaters. Take, for example, this 12" x 18" RV Tank Heater Pad from RecPro. The versatile peel and stick adhesive and slim profile can be added to the outside of most tanks. When properly installed, it will provide consistent and efficient protection for up to a 50-gallon holding tank. Once turned on and supplied with uninterrupted electrical power, it is thermostatically controlled. It will cycle on when your holding tank temperature reaches 45°F (5°C) and off when it reaches 68°F (20°C). The optional toggle switch will allow you turn off manually when the outside temperature remains above freezing, when there is no liquid in the tanks or pipes, during dumping, and when winterizing.

Keeping your tanks warm in the winter

There are always lessons to be learned when enjoying an RV or leisure vehicle. Learning these life lessons in freezing temperatures seems like the hard way of doing it when you've woken up to a solid holding tank or an ice cube for your shower. When using an RV in cold weather, the internal cabin heat must be kept at a minimum in order to prevent in-cabin plumbing from freezing. Similarly, it is important to keep vital under-unit organs pumping with tank heaters. Try one from RecPro and enjoy your winter travels this year.



  • Overall Dimensions: 12"W x 18"L
  • Pad Thickness: 3.0mm
  • Lead Wire: 36"
  • Up to 50-Gallon
  • Optional Toggle Switch
  • For use with Fresh, Gray Water, or Holding Tanks

Technical Data:

  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Wattage: 65 Watts
  • Amp draw: 5 Amps
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