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RV Switch SPST Switch On / Off 4 Gang Bezel

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  • White RV 4 gang SPST switch.
  • White RV 4 gang SPST switch front view.
  • White RV 4 gang SPST switch measurements.
  • A finger switching one of the switches.
  • White RV 4 gang SPST switch side profile.
  • White RV 4 gang SPST switch back view.
  • Close up on the switch pins for electrical connections.
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In today's modern age, electronics can be a nightmare to manage. Everything has its own switch, or several switches, all over the place, especially when you are living in your RV! Wouldn't it be nice if you could control all your lights from one switch or have the controls for your AC, furnace, or fans all located in one convenient area? With RecPros' black Four Rocker Switch Assembly, that dream of convenience can become a reality!

A finger switching one of the switches.

Although small and simple, our rocker switch assembly can easily improve your time spent living in your RV by making life a little more convenient. This four-way rocker switch is perfect for use with your RV lights, pumps, fans, vents, and even more! This USA-made rocker switch assembly will allow you to connect up to four different appliances to it so that you may turn those appliances on or off from one location.

Rocker switch SPST on/off switch. High quality made in the USA. Durable construction.

This switch assembly features four large, beveled SPST (single pole, single throw) rocker switches. A rocker switch is a type of switch that houses a button for connection and can be used to disconnect or connect a circuit. In other words, a rocker switch is your typical On and Off switch.

White RV 4 gang SPST switch back view.

Close up on the switch pins for electrical connections.Our four-rocker switch assembly is constructed here in the USA. It has been carefully designed and built using rigid plastic material and given smooth, rounded edges to help it easily blend in with your RV interior decor. This four-way switch assembly can be used with 125v or 250v AC power at 16 amps and is connected using the ¼" copper blade terminals located on the back of the assembly. This rocker switch assembly does not include tools or hardware for installation. You should not clean this switch assembly using ammonia or other harsh cleaning chemicals, as doing so may cause damage to the assembly.

Living life in your RV should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, not one that leaves you hunting around for the right switch for the right appliance. Keep control easily and conveniently within your grasp with a 4-rocker switch assembly such as this one. Please speak with our Customer Care team members or use our website to pick up one or several of these great switch assemblies for your rig! Have questions? Contact us over the phone or online, and we will be happy to help you out!

Smooth edges and rigid plastic construction. Ideal for use with lights, fans, vents, etc. Quarter inch blade terminal hookups.


  • Perfect for lights, fans, vents, and more
  • Made in the USA
  • Black, White, Almond, Brown
  • 4 rocker On/Off switches
    • SPST - single pole, single throw
  • Tough plastic construction
  • Smooth round edges
  • 125v or 250v AC
  • 16amp
  • 1/4" blade terminals hook up
  • Do not clean using ammonia or other harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Does not include installation tools or hardware

White RV 4 gang SPST switch measurements.

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