RV Stove Travel Lock

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  • RV stove travel lock installed on a range.
  • A hand pressing the buttons to release the range lock to fall into place and keep the door closed.
  • RV stove travel lock measurements.
  • No tools installation. Simple and easy operation for no hassle use. Keeps your oven door closed.
  • Secures the door for travel.
  • RV stove travel lock.
  • RV stove travel lock front view.
  • RV stove travel lock side profile.
  • RV stove travel lock with the lever down.
  • RV stove travel lock back side with 3M tape.
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Stay Safe With An RV Oven Lock
Not all RV ovens are built the same. Some ovens are very solid and secure, while others may be a little more…. loose. If you find that your RV oven door is swinging open as you travel down the road, or you want to prevent young hands from finding a new playground, then you have come to the right place.

This RV oven travel lock from RecPro can help you keep your oven door safely shut. Its simple design allows it to hold the oven door shut as you are traveling and prevents young children, such as toddlers, from being able to open the oven door, preventing accidents before they can happen. The oven travel lock is easy to use as well; simply pull the locking tab down over the oven door to lock the oven and push the two buttons on the side while lifting the tab to unlock. The oven lock is also super easy and quick to install, as it is equipped with an adhesive pad that allows you to attach it to your oven without needing to use any tools or equipment.

For an easy way to make your RV oven a little safer, you can’t go wrong with the RV oven travel lock from RecPro. Use our website to order yours today, or contact our Customer Care Team online or over the phone for further assistance.


  • Fast installation with no tools needed
  • Hard, heat resistant plastic
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps your oven door securely closed
  • Prevents young children from opening the oven door
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