RV Step Rug Covers 20"

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  • RV Step Rug Covers 20"
  • RV Step Rug Covers 20"
  • RV Step Rug Covers 20"
  • RV Step Rug Covers 20"
  • RV Step Rug Covers 20"
  • RV Step Rug Covers 20"
  • RV Step Rug Covers 20"
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You want your living area to be as clean and presentable as possible when you're on the road. People who live full-time in RVs may find themselves in a constant battle with dirt from the outside that enters their RV dwelling space because of the nature of the RV lifestyle. Check out the RecPro RV Step Rug if you'd like to minimize dirt and debris entering your RV!

installedNo one likes a dirty RV, but who wants to spend hours cleaning it? These small yet mighty Step Rugs will save you loads of time by scrubbing dirt and debris off your feet or shoes before you even enter your RV. The rough texture allows you to quickly wipe away any unwanted grime, just like a traditional rug or mat in your home. Now you can relax and enjoy your clean space without worry! These RV Step Rugs not only keep dirt from accumulating on the inside of your RV, but they're also good for your dogs and other pets! With these rugs on their paws, you won't have to worry about your dogs' or other animals' paws getting trapped in the steps.


These RV step rugs are a cinch to install and don't require the use of screws, glue, or any other tools. They quickly wrap around your RV steps and connect using the grommets and springs for a form-fitting grip. Additionally, these step rugs are easy to scrub clean; they're also weather and mildew-resistant.

Keeping your RV clean and free of grime does not always have to be a struggle. These RV Step Rugs are a simple approach to keeping your RV cleaner and neater while on the road. Purchase yours now using our user-friendly website, or call our Customer Service team if you have any questions or concerns.




  • Prevents dirt and debris from tracking inside
  • Wraps around your RV steps
  • No screws, glues, or tools required
  • 2 grommets and springs for a snug fit
  • Prevents pets' paws from getting stuck in steps
  • Installs easily
  • Easy to clean
  • Weather resistant
  • Mildew resistant
  • Black
  • Available individually, 2 pack, 3 pack, or 4 pack
  • 20"


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