RV Slide Topper Cover Assembly Slideout Awning White

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  • RV slide out topper installed on top of a slide out.
  • RV slide out topper installed with the slide out retracted in.
  • Awning fabric included. Keeps the interior cool. Durable mounting bracket.
  • Protects RV slide out from sunlight and debris.
  • RV slide out topper front view.
  • Close up on the end on the slide out awning roller.
  • Close up on the end on the slide out awning bracket.
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There are many ways your RV can give you enjoyment and pleasure when traveling or camping out. Having an RV lets you take a bit of home with you wherever you go. Many RVs offer comforts such as a kitchen, a bathroom, and more! Many modern RVs come with a feature known as a slide-out, which gives you even more to enjoy. If you want to provide your RV slide-out with a bit of protection, then check out the white Slide-Out awning frame assembly from RecPro!

RV slide out topper front view.

A slide-out is a feature that some RVs have. The function of a slide-out is to "slide out" of the side of the RV once it has been parked somewhere, creating extra room inside. This extra interior space is a fantastic feature to have on your RV, as it provides you with more room to move around and makes living in an RV feel a little less claustrophobic. However, the slide-out of your RV needs to be taken care of and protected, as it can easily fall victim to damage that can cause it to malfunction or become leaky. That is where our white slide-out awning frame assembly comes in!

Our slide-out awning frame assembly functions very differently from your typical awning. A standard RV awning will extend off of the side of your RV with fabric overhead to provide you with a shade-covered area to relax in. A slide-out awning such as ours does not extend off of the side of your RV but extends over the top of your RVs slide-out. This provides your RV slide-out with an extra layer of protection, and this additional protection is sure to give you greater peace of mind over your RV. You can rest easy knowing that this small investment will help keep your RV safe from the outdoor elements and in optimal working condition.

Our white slide-out awning protects the top of your RVs slide-out by stretching a layer of tough awning fabric over it. This white awning fabric is made of super strong and durable 1000D PVC Tarpaulin material. That material is ideal for use in your slide-out awning, as it is very strong and resistant to many things. It has an impressive 140 PSI tensile strength, making it resistant to tearing, ripping, and puncturing. That material also resists UV light, mold, mildew, and more! That awning fabric is strong enough to keep debris from coming into contact with the top of your slide-out, protecting it from falling sticks, twigs, leaves, and more to give you optimal protection. The material used to make our awning fabric also has a flame retardant rating of B1, which is very high on the scale of flame resistance and gives you even further protection.

Our slide-out awning frame assembly also helps keep the interior of your RV cooler. It does so because of the UV-resistant nature of the awning fabric, which blocks a large amount of sunlight from shining directly onto your slide-out and transferring heat to the interior. This means that you and your passengers can have a much easier time staying comfortable and relaxed while camping out in your RV, even during the hot days of summer.

Close up on the end on the slide out awning roller.

There are eighteen different width options when it comes to our white slide-out awning frame assemblies. These options are 5'6", 6', 6'6", 7', 7'6", 8", 8'6", 9", 9'6", 10', 10'6", 11', 11'6", 12', 12'6", 13', 13'6" and 14' wide. With the many different widths that we offer, finding one that fits the slide-out for your RV will be easy! All of our slide-out awnings have a depth of 48", giving your slide-out plenty of length to work with.

Slide out topper width versus actual fabric width chart.

Once correctly installed, it is super easy to use our white slide-out awning frame assembly. You do not need to fiddle around with additional switches, cranks, or levels. Simply open up your RV slide-out as you usually would, and the awning will automatically extend the fabric over it. The awning will also automatically roll up the fabric as you close your slide-out. Our slide-out awning frame assembly can do this because the fabric roller keeps tension on the fabric, constantly pulling on it to keep it taught. This tension causes the fabric to unroll as the slide-out extends and roll back up as the slide-out closes.

RV slide out topper installed with the slide out retracted in.Our slide-out awning frame assembly is also very easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is occasionally ensure that all the fasteners are tight and rinse the awning fabric with clean water once a month. Every couple of years, you should gently brush the awning fabric with water and natural soap before rinsing, drying, and rolling it back up.

All the hardware you need for installation is included, so you do not need to go shopping at the hardware store for extra screws and fasteners. The installation itself is easy and only takes a little bit of time. Included is an easy-to-follow maintenance and installation manual that will walk you through every step of the installation process. Keep in mind that you will need some tools while installing our white slide-out awning frame assembly.

Your RV is a significant investment, one that can provide you with years of enjoyment and adventure if cared for properly. Protect your investment with our excellent white slide-out awning frame assembly, which you can get by using our website or speaking with our customer care team. If you have questions or concerns, you can always speak with us over the phone or online.


  • White frame
  • Easy to use
  • Awning fabric included
    • White
    • Strong and durable
    • Resists tearing, puncturing, and ripping
    • UV-Resistant
    • Flame Retardant Rating B1
    • 1000D PVC Tarpaulin material
    • Resistant to mold and mildew
    • 140 PSI tensile strength
  • 18 width options available
    • 5'6", 6', 6'6", 7', 7'6", 8", 8'6", 9", 9'6", 10', 10'6", 11', 11'6", 12', 12'6", 13', 13'6" and 14'  wide
  • 48" deep
  • Keeps the interior cooler
  • Protects RV slide-out from sunlight and debris
  • Extra protection for greater peace of mind
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Instruction manual included
  • Installation hardware included
  • Some tools needed for installation


RV slide out topper measurements.

How to measure for a slide out topper guide.

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