RV Slide Out Seal 3/4" Single Bulb Seal with 1.6" Wiper Clip-On

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  • RV Slide Out Seal 3/4" Single Bulb with 1.6" Wiper Seal Clip-On
  • RV Slide Out Seal 3/4" Single Bulb with 1.6" Wiper Seal Clip-On
  • RV Slide Out Seal 3/4" Single Bulb with 1.6" Wiper Seal Clip-On
  • RV Slide Out Seal 3/4" Single Bulb with 1.6" Wiper Seal Clip-On
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RV Seal

RV Seal DetailRVs go through a lot. Whether you only use them for the occasional summer vacation or you live in yours full time, it's important to make sure they're sealed up correctly. Whether you're weathering through light rain or a storm, having the necessary tools in your rig can make the difference between giving your RV a long life and having to fix or even replace it frequently. There are a great many types of seals out there, however, they all share similar functions. They protect your rig from water, dirt, and insects, help out the aesthetic appeal of the rig, and provide a cushion for moving parts. If your older seal has been showing some wear or if you're adding in a new section, you've come to the right place. Here at RecPro, we have our selection of RV seals all ready to help you keep your rig in the best condition.

uv-resistant seal

In a door or window, they help keep out the water and rain. On your slide-out, they help keep out elements from between the moving part and the stationary frame, provide a buffer for when you return the slide-out to the RV frame, and create an aesthetically pleasing seam to bridge the gap. There are many more uses for RV seals, however, these show just how important these little bits are. Without a proper seal, your rig could see water damage, unnecessary friction, poor aesthetics, and more. To keep your RV lasting and working for a long time, just stop on by and get the seal for your RV project.

Dimensional Drawing

This seal is a single bulb with a wiper. There is a strong steel spring to keep a strong grip while being able to be removed and replaced without losing the function. It measures 1 1/4" wide and 1 1/2" high. It's made of nitrile rubber and is resistant to chemicals and temperature. Coming in the color black, it works with most RV models on the market today and gives it a clean finish.

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  • Dimensions: 1 1/4"W x 1 1/2"H
  • Single Bulb Seal with Wiper 
  • Material: Nitrile rubber
  • Tensile strength: 2500
  • Minimum temperature: -60°F
  • Chemical resistance
  • Soft and flexible for easy installation
  • Color: Black
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Hollow bulb

Sold in 5' increments (5' to 25')

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