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RV Slide Out Lock 24" - 44"

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  • RV Slide Out Lock 24" - 44"
  • RV Slide Out Lock 24" - 44"
  • RV Slide Out Lock 24" - 44"
  • RV Slide Out Lock 24" - 44"
  • RV Slide Out Lock 24" - 44"
  • RV Slide Out Lock 24" - 44"
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Do you have a slide-out on your RV? Are you worried that it may swing open when you take a turn while on your travels? If you are looking for a way to add a little extra stability and security to your RV slide-out, then check out the Slide Lock from RecPro!

What does a slide-out lock bar such as this do, you may be wondering? The RecPro Slide Lock is a simple tool that sits between the edge of your slide-out and the interior wall. Its function is to keep your slide-out secure and locked close while you are traveling, preventing it from wiggling or rolling open as you are traveling. It maintains the integrity of the slide-outs external water and dust seal, so you can have confidence that you will arrive at your destination dry and dust-free.

Locking your slide-out is not the only thing this tool can be used for either, as it is quite a multifunctional tool. It can be used to secure cargo in a truck bed or as a convenient bar in your closet for hanging clothes.



The RecPro Slide Lock measures 24” while collapsed but can extend up to 44” to fit your slide-out. Its heavy-duty steel construction gives it plenty of strength to withstand the weight of your slide-out, which helps it give your slide-out plenty of security and support. Each end of this RV slide lock is covered with thick rubber padding, preventing damage from occurring to your slide-out or interior walls. This slide lock is wonderfully easy to use and can be set up in seconds. When you are not using it, this dark grey slide lock can easily be stored away in an area such as a closet.


Keeping your rig safe, secure, and stable while you are traveling ought to be one of your primary concerns if you want to live the RV life. If you have a slide-out, then you can easily make things a bit safer with this slide lock from RecPro. Use our website or chat with our Customer Care Team over the phone to order yours today!



  • Keeps your slide-out locked and secured during travel
  • Maintains the integrity of the slide-out external water and dust seal
  • Padded rubber feet - adjustable
  • Heavy-duty steel metal construction
  • Extends from 24” to 44”
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Multiple applications
  • Dark gray finish


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