RV Slide-In Seal 5/8" Bulb Fits 3/8" Slot

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  • RV Secondary Slide-Out Seal 5/8" Bulb Fits 3/8" Slot
  • RV Slide-In Seal 5/8" Bulb Fits 3/8" Slot
  • RV Slide-In Seal 5/8" Bulb Fits 3/8" Slot
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RV Seal

RV Seal DetailAn RV goes through quite a lot in its life, from storms to mud to dry seasons and more. Being prepared for these events can mean the difference between fixing up your RV after only a few years and having a terrific rig for many seasons to come. One of the vital pieces in your RV that helps it last for so long is the seals. While there are many types of seals in many locations, they all serve similar purposes: impact protection, guard against water, dirt, and insects, and for cosmetic appeal.

When you open a slide-out, the seal keeps the gap between the moving part and the side of the RV covered and protected while also giving the RV the appearance of a seamless unit. When the slide-out is placed back into the compact space, the seal keeps the two metal sides from coming together and causing friction or scratching. On a window or door, the seal keeps water and dirt away from the connecting edge, keeping the interior of your rig clean and controlled. Past these two uses, there are several more when it comes to seals. Without them, your RV would certainly lose some of its comfort, style, and life. The seal selection at RecPro is here to help you keep your seals up and working great, especially if your older seals aren't looking so great and you need a replacement seal.

flexible slide out seal

This seal is a slide-out secondary seal and measures 1" high by 5/8" wide on the outer edge and 3/8" wide on the inner flange. Made of nitrile rubber, it's resistant to chemicals and temperature while being soft and flexible for easy installation. Coming in the color black, it's perfect for most RVs on the market today.

Dimensional Drawing

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  • Dimensions: 1"H x 5/8"W (on outer edge) 3/8"W (flange)
  • Single Bulb Insert
  • Material: Nitrile rubber
  • Tensile strength: 2500
  • Minimum temperature: -60°F
  • Chemical resistance
  • Soft and flexible for easy installation
  • Color: Black
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Hollow bulb

Sold in 5' increments (5' to 50')

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