RV Skylight Interior Trim Ring Garnish

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  • RV Skylight Interior Trim Ring Garnish
  • RV Skylight Interior Trim Ring Garnish
  • RV Skylight Interior Trim Ring Garnish
  • RV Skylight Interior Trim Ring Garnish
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Having a skylight in your camper or RV is great! It lets in that super important natural light that makes your rig feel so warm and welcoming. It can make your interior feel more open and spacious and significantly improve the enjoyment you get from your RV or camper. However, having a skylight means essentially having a big hole in the roof of your rig, which is then covered up by a dome.

While the exterior of your camper or RV may not offer any issue, the interior may be another story. Inside, the hole for your skylight may appear as a significant eyesore, especially with exposed edges. How do you enjoy your skylight without it being marred by the visage of a rough hole? This inner trim ring from RecPro can help.


There are two size options for this skylight inner trim ring: 14" x 22" and 14" x 14". This inner trim ring is designed to cover up the sides and inner edges of the hole for your skylight. The inner trim ring covering up the sides and edges of the hole helps give your skylight a much more appealing aesthetic.





This skylight inner trim ring is a tough addition to your RV or camper skylight. It has been constructed out of a material known as acrylic plastic, a material with similar properties to polycarbonate. Acrylic plastic is tough and very resistant to damage. This plastic material resists high temperatures, harsh impacts, and many chemicals. Although it is chemical-resistant, you should not clean this inner trim ring with acetone or acetone-based products. This tough yet lightweight plastic material is more than strong enough to withstand the many challenges of RV living. The skylight inner trim ring is a quick and straightforward matter to install, taking only a few minutes time. Installation hardware and tools are not included with this inner trim ring.

No one wants their home to look bad, so why should the skylight in your home on wheels be any different? Make sure the hole for your skylight doesn't look like an eyesore with a 14" x22" or 14" x14" inner trim ring. Have a chat with our helpful Customer Care members or reach out to us online if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Trim ring for your RV or camper skylight
  • Covers up the side of the hole used for your skylight
  • Built with acrylic plastic
    • Lightweight
    • Tough
    • Resists impacts
    • Resists high temperatures
    • Resists many chemicals
  • 14" x 22" or 14" x 14" size options
  • Installation tools and hardware are not included
  • Do not clean using acetone or acetone-based products



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