RV Skylight Cover Blackout Shade

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  • RV Skylight Cover Blackout Shade
  • RV Skylight Cover Blackout Shade
  • RV Skylight Cover Blackout Shade
  • RV Skylight Cover Blackout Shade
  • RV Skylight Cover Blackout Shade
  • RV Skylight Cover Blackout Shade
  • RV Skylight Cover Blackout Shade
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Too Much Sunlight? Try An RV Skylight Shade!

Basking in sunlight is a simple yet thoroughly fulfilling experience, and having an RV with a skylight lets you enjoy that sunlight even from the comfort of the indoors. However, sometimes, the sun can be just a bit too bright, and the heat of the sun shining through your skylight can end up making your RV uncomfortably warm. Thankfully, RecPro has an easy solution to that pesky little issue: the RecPro Skylight Window Shade, made here in the USA!

easy to installThe RecPro RV Skylight Shade features a retro-fit design, which allows it to easily and conveniently fit over most RV skylights. Thanks to this retrofit design and the included installation hardware, the RecPro RV Skylight Shade is easy to install with minimal tools and time needed.

The RecPro RV Skylight Shade features an easy-to-operate sliding shade. When the shade is pulled down, it reduces the amount of light coming through your RV skylight, which helps soften the harsh glare of a sun that is shining a bit too brightly for your liking. The reduction of light shining through also helps reduce the amount of heat coming through the skylight as well, helping you keep your RV interior cooler and more comfortable.

The fabric of the RecPro RV Skylight Shade, made here in the USA, is designed with mold-resistant materials, which can help you stay safe from mold-related illnesses. Other parts of the skylight shade are constructed out of Thermoformed Polycarbonate, a type of material that is used in a wide variety of industries thanks to its rather impressive strength and durability. Together, these materials give you a skylight shade that is UV-resistant and strong enough to give you years of reliable use.

With this simple addition to your RV, you can keep the sun at the perfect brightness while staying cool and comfy. Use our website to order the RecPro RV Skylight Shade for your rig today, or speak with our Customer Care Team if you need further assistance.

strong and durable thermoformed polycarbonate material, proudly made in USA, Retro-fit design

shade going up and down


  • Reduces excessive light and heat coming from your skylight
  • Retro-fit design easily fits over most RV skylights
    • Compatible with skylight sizes 14" x 22", 13" x 19", 15"x18", and 14" x 14".
  • Made with mold resistant materials
  • Easy to install
  • Constructed with thermoformed polycarbonate
  • UV resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Made in the USA


  • Philips-head screws (8)
  • White plastic screw caps (8)
  • ⅛” drill bit
  • Instructions


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