RV Shower System with Rain Shower Head and Handheld Sprayer

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  • RV shower system.
  • RV shower system front view.
  • Close up on the rain shower head.
  • RV shower system measurements.
  • Rain style shower head. 3-way knob for switching between shower head, handheld, and tub faucet. Matte black tub faucet.
  • 3/4 inch fitting to adapt shower hookups. 1/2 inch fitting for RV use.
  • The rain shower head sitting in the holder.
  • Close up on the lever to switch between the shower and tub.
  • Close up on the lever to control the temperature of the water.
  • 3/4 inch to 1/2 inch adapter.
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A bathroom is a place that sees extensive use and serves a variety of purposes. It is where you perform your daily hygiene rituals to relieve certain bodily functions, and it is where you bathe after a long day. Using your bathroom should be a relaxing experience, especially when bathing. After all, a shower is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day, in addition to helping you get clean. If you find your bathroom to be a bit lacking, then think about spicing it up with RecPro’s Matte Black Rain Shower Kit.

RV shower system front view.

Our rain shower kit is designed to be durable. In many cases, the OEM tub and shower fittings in your RV are not ideal, as they are often made using cheaper materials. Manufacturers do this to save on production costs, but these cheaper fixtures can break and leak more easily. Our rain shower kit is designed using durable metal and rigid plastic materials to give you long-lasting durability that will last you years. The 57 ¼” water hose, pipes, and faucet are all constructed with durable metal coated in a matte black finish. The hand-held showerhead and main showerhead are made using hard, rigid plastic material that resists cracking and chipping.

This is an easy-to-install wall-mounted rain shower kit, meaning that it will attach right to the wall. Connecting directly to the wall prevents the shower and pipes from wiggling and wobbling, providing it with extra strength and security. When fully assembled, our rain shower kit is 56” tall and stands out from the wall by 20” when including the main showerhead.

The rain shower head sitting in the holder.

The hand-held showerhead is a highly convenient feature that is great for people with stiff joints and those who have difficulty moving around. It makes those hard-to-reach areas far easier to get to, and the attached 57 ¼” metal hose allows for an extensive range of movement. The hand-held showerhead measures 4 ½” in diameter and is equipped with softer rubber spray nozzles. These spray nozzles are easy to clean, and make sure that the water is sprayed out in a gentle manner that will not be harsh on your skin. This showerhead features two spray modes, which can easily be changed via the flippable switch underneath the spray nozzles. The hand-held showerhead can be held with the height-adjustable holder when not being used.

Close up on the rain shower head.The main showerhead measures a total of 9” in diameter and brings your shower to a new level of comfort. It is designed with a rain-style spraying pattern, making you feel like you are underneath a warm, gentle rain as the water caresses your skin. The showerhead features 360-degree rotation and is able to tile upwards and downwards to help you get that perfect spraying angle. The soft rubber nozzles are easy to keep clean and require minimal maintenance. The point at which the showerhead connects to the shower piping contains a metal wire mesh, which acts as a filter for the water going through. This helps protect the showerhead from clogs or debris, ensuring smooth water flow.

RV shower system measurements.


  • Metal construction
  • Very durable
  • Height-adjustable holder for hand-held shower head
  • Hand-held shower head
  • 2 spray modes
  • 4 ½” diameter
  • Hard plastic construction
  • Soft rubber spray nozzles
  • Main shower head
  • 9” diameter
  • Rain-style spray
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Can be angled up, down, and side to side
  • Metal mesh filter in connecting end
  • Hard plastic construction
  • Easy to clean rubber nozzles
  • Matte Black finish
  • Twist-knob with 3 modes
  • Main shower head
  • Hand-held shower head
  • Tub faucet
  • 56” tall total
  • Stands out 20” from the wall, including the main showerhead
  • Water hose
  • Lightweight metal construction
  • 57 ¼” length
  • Easy to install
  • Single lever design for easy water temperature and flow adjustment
  • Wall-mounted


Close up on the lever to control the temperature of the water.The faucet is given a robust and heavy-duty metal construction for a high level of durability. It is a single-lever design, which allows you to easily adjust the temperature and flow of the water to your preferred degree. On the faucet is a small twit knob that will enable you to select which spray mode you wish to use. There are three different modes: Faucet, Hand-Held, and Main. Simply twist the knob to your preferred shower mode and turn the water on.

A shower is supposed to be a relaxing and refreshing experience that invigorates you in the morning and helps you settle down in the evening. Take your shower experience up a level with our fabulous Matte Black Rain Shower Kit today, which you can get by using our website or chatting with our customer care team. For any questions or concerns, you can always contact us online or over the phone.

Rain style shower head. 3-way knob for switching between shower head, handheld, and tub faucet. Matte black tub faucet.

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