• RV Shower Diverter Faucet | Chrome
  • RV Shower Diverter Faucet | Chrome
  • RV Shower Diverter Faucet | Chrome
  • RV Shower Diverter Faucet | Chrome
  • RV Shower Diverter Faucet | Chrome
  • RV Shower Diverter Faucet | Chrome

RV Shower Diverter Faucet | Chrome

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rv shower diverter chromeAre you having trouble getting to those hard-to-reach areas when using your RV shower or tub? Do aching joints make it difficult to move around? You may want to consider switching out your standard RV shower head with something that can offer you greater ease of use, like this 4” chrome shower valve.

You may be asking yourself what good a shower valve can do for you. The answer is simple. A shower valve such as this can replace your typical RV shower head with a handheld shower head (not included with the shower valve). Using this 4” shower valve in tandem with a handheld showerhead can make it far easier to get the water where you need it. This is especially true for people who struggle with joint pain or other movement problems.

sleek faucet design

chrome shower diverterThe housing of this shower valve is made from dense plastic coated in beautiful chrome. The dense, heavy plastic material of the housing affords it excellent resistance to heavy use. The interior piping of the valve is crafted similarly, utilizing thick plastic tubes for outstanding performance, longevity, and lighter weight. The clear plastic handles of this 4” shower valve are quite large and turn with little effort, allowing them to be easily manipulated. This chrome shower valve even comes with easy-to-understand instructions, helping you quickly and easily install it in your very own RV. This chrome shower valve is designed with a patented non-rotating valve stem tip as well. What does this mean? The non-rotating valve stem tip solves the problem of washer wear, further adding to its longevity.


Your RV shower/tub should not be a place where you struggle. With this 4” shower valve combined with a handheld shower head, things can be far more accessible. Give our friendly Customer Service team a call or use our website today to get one for yourself! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us online or by phone.


  • Designed For Handheld Showerhead (Not Included)
  • Rigid Metal Covered Plastic
  • Chrome Finish
  • Two Large Handles
  • Installation Instructions Included
  • Non-Rotating Valve Stem Design
  • 4” Width
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