RV Round Fresh Water Gravity Fill Hatch

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  • White RV Round Fresh Water Gravity Fill Hatch
  • White RV Round Fresh Water Gravity Fill Hatch
  • White RV Round Fresh Water Gravity Fill Hatch
  • White RV Round Fresh Water Gravity Fill Hatch
  • White RV Round Fresh Water Gravity Fill Hatch
  • White RV Round Fresh Water Gravity Fill Hatch
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RV Round Fresh Water Gravity Fill Hatch

Hot showers or cold showers? Long and relaxing or quick and refreshing? Whichever camp you find yourself in, you still need the water for that shower. Without filling up the water tanks, you can kiss that shower goodbye. Or the sink or toilet water, for that matter. From the tanks to the fixture itself, there are a great many bits and pieces that contribute to a properly working water system. Having the right tools for your water connection is just one of the things you need for a properly functioning water system. To first get that water into your tanks, you need a water fill hatch. Take, for example, this RV fresh water gravity fill hatch.

This round fresh water gravity fill hatch is designed to let you fill your tanks without the help of pressure or threaded wire. Popular in the RV and camper industry, it's durable, reliable, and simple to use. The gravity fill function is perfect for simpler RV water systems and most models of RVs. White or Black in color, it looks nice and clean while not drawing attention to itself or taking away from the designs on your RV exterior. Resistant to UV light, it keeps looking great year after year. With this durability, aesthetics, and convenience, this gravity fill hatch is just the thing you need to fill up your water tanks. Don't wait until your current hatch becomes cracked and faded. Upgrade to this round RV gravity hatch and keep your water system and RV looking and working great for your next vacation. With the optional Quick Fill adapter, you have the added convenience of a garden hose attachment. When you add the Quick Fill adapter to the set-up, you can fill your tanks with a standard garden hose, adding to the comfort and ease.

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  • Angled flush mount gravity fill water tank fill connection, with cap, and tank vent fitting with screen
  • For 1.25 and 1.5" fill hose, 1/2" vent hose Measures 4.5" overall diameter and needs a 3.5" hole for recessed mounting
  • New Stronger Design Access Power cord/cable Hatch
  • Used extensively in the RV & Camper industry
  • Manufactured of High-Quality Plastic material with UV stabilizer for a long durable life
  • Color: Black or White
  • Optional Quick Fill adapter