RV Roof Vent Replacement Screen for Vento

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  • RV Roof Vent Replacement Screen for Vento
  • RV Roof Vent Replacement Screen for Vento
  • RV Roof Vent Replacement Screen for Vento
  • RV Roof Vent Replacement Screen for Vento
  • RV Roof Vent Replacement Screen for Vento
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A roof vent is a great way to improve the air circulation in your rig. But a roof vent without a screen can be a nightmare, as it can let in bugs and debris. No one wants an RV or camper filled with bugs and debris, especially when mosquitos run rampant at night.

If your Vento Roof Vent screen has become damaged or misplaced, or if you simply want to have a spare lying around, then you have come to the right place. RecPro has the replacement Vento Roof Vent Screen you need! This replacement screen is built specifically for our RecPro Vento Roof Vent (RP-2027). It may not be compatible with other models of RV roof vents.


This replacement screen measures 13 ¼” in diameter with a ½” thickness. Our Vento replacement screen is built using a durable, rigid plastic ring and a fine metal mesh, making it very simple in design. This straightforward design makes it very easy to install as well. Simply twist open the tabs on your Vento Roof Vent, hold the screen in position, and twist the tabs closed. This fine mesh screen equipped on your Vento Roof Vent will help keep out insects and large debris. You won’t have to worry about nasty bugs and annoying leaves finding their way into your rig from your roof.


  • 13 ¼” Diameter
  • ½” Thickness
  • Simple design
  • Easy to install
  • Durable plastic ring
  • Fine metal mesh
  • Keeps out insects and debris
  • Replacement screen for RecPro Vento Roof Vent (RP-2027)


You should not have to worry about pests, insects, and debris dirtying your RV or camper wh. With this Vento Replacement Screen for your Vento RV Roof Vent, you can enjoy the airflow of your RV roof vent without a single worry about these issues. To get a replacement screen for your Vento RV Roof Vent, use our website or speak with one of our Customer Care Team Members. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about our roof vent replacement screen, reach out to us over the phone or online.


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