White RV EPDM Roof Tape

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  • White RV EPDM Roof Tape
  • White RV EPDM Roof Tape
  • White RV EPDM Roof Tape
  • White RV EPDM Roof Tape
  • White RV EPDM Roof Tape
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Strong & flexible

When you're off on an adventure with your friends and family in your RV, the last thing you want to happen is for your roof to fall apart while you're on the road. Even if you've merely sustained a small tear to your roof, you're still going to want to patch it up properly before you end up with a big problem on your hands. With RecPro White RV Rubber Roof Seal at your disposal, you won't have to worry about any of this for even a second.



  • Great for rips, tears, and open seams
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Strong and flexible
  • Water tight seal great for leaks
  • Bonds to many roofing materials including EPDM and TPO
  • Color: white
  • UV stable
  • Comes in retail packaging
  • During installation, the white side faces up
  • Takes 24 hours to full cure

RV roof repair tape

Reliable Roof Repairs

There's no need to fork out a small fortune to replace your RV roof when you can manage a high-quality repair all by yourself. No matter what vehicle you're using for your vacations, this reliable and easy-to-use repair option is going to be suitable. It even comes with a special primer adhesive that encourages your roofing material to bond back together at full strength. Examine the most important features of RecPro White RV Rubber Roof Seal below.

  • You can purchase 50 feet of roof sealing material at once, with a range of widths on offer, including 2", 4" and 6". Such choices enable you to go ahead with just about any roof repair you have in mind.
  • It's so simple to repair all kinds of damage like rips, tears, and even open seams. Don't let anything get in the way of your vacation when repairs can be carried out so quickly and easily.
  • You can even protect your interior from leaking water with the help of the waterproof seal produced by this exemplary product.
  • You aren't limited to using this roof seal with rubber surfaces as in fact it works with all sorts of materials, including PVC, metals, wood, tiles, and concrete.
  • Aside from playing a perfect functional role, the RecPro RV rubber roof seal also looks great. It's available in a white color that remains unaffected by the sun's ultraviolet ways. You're not going to end up with faded patches so everyone can see where you have repaired your roof.
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