RV Roller Shades - Oyster

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  • RV Roller Shades Oyster
  • RV Roller Shades Oyster
  • RV Roller Shades Oyster
  • RV Roller Shades Oyster
  • RV Roller Shades Oyster
  • RV Roller Shades Oyster
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Having an RV with lots of window space available is an asset on the road. It helps you experience the nation by allowing you to look at the sweeping vistas and landscapes as you drive across the land. There are times when all of those windows can be burdensome, though. If you have too much light pouring in on a sunny day, it could end up blinding you and impairing your driving or raising the internal temperature of your RV and leave you uncomfortable and sweaty. Either way, you need some protection from the outside world. At RecPro, we have a wide array of shades to help you make your RV a bit more comfortable during your travels. Stop on by and check out our selection of shades and cool down your vacation in style.

With all of the available colors in the RV world, it is helpful to have a selection that goes beyond just black and brown. Let's take this Oyster color, for example. The Oyster shade has a pleasant off-white color that will blend well with the earth tones in your RV, as well as the more contemporary colors of modern rigs. It has all of the properties of our traditional roller shades so you know youll be getting a quality product for your RV. With the significant light reduction, you can relax in the comfort of a cool and shaded living area while not having to sacrifice the ability to open the window and get a nice, cool breeze. The smooth retraction makes the unit easy to work and simple to use. There are multiple custom sizes so that you can find just the size you need for your setup.

Stay cool in the summer and keep out the harsh rays of the sun with these high-quality roller shades. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • Color: Oyster
  • Significant light reduction
  • Smooth retraction
  • Variable sizes
  • Dimensions: Width 14" to 62"
  • Dimensions: Height 24" to 60"
  • Overall Depth: 2 3/8"
  • UV resistant

**Measurements are from knob to knob (outer) not the width of the material**

RV Roller Shades

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