RV Refrigerator 6.3 Cubic Feet Gas and Electric

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  • Black RV refrigerator.
  • Black RV refrigerator with the door open and with food in the fridge, freezer, and the inside of the doors.
  • Close up on the RecPro logo and the indicator lights on the front of the fridge.
  • Black RV refrigerator measurements.
  • Latching handles for securing while on the road. Reversible door. 3 way power of propane, 12 volt, and 110 volt.
  • Black RV refrigerator back view.
  • Black RV refrigerator front view.
  • Black RV refrigerator side profile.
  • Stainless steel RV refrigerator front view.
  • The fridge's propane connection.

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When you are going on an extended camping trip or undertaking a long-distance road trip in your RV, you will undoubtedly face many challenges. Being able to eat fresh food should not be one of those challenges. RecPro can help you enjoy fresh food during your adventures and travels by offering the optimal way to store your food. Our 6.3 cubic foot gas absorption refrigerator can help you safely store your food items while traveling and keep it all nice and cold until you are ready to eat or cook.

Why might you want to equip your RV with a gas absorption refrigerator? Wouldn't using a cooler or two work just fine? Sure, if you fill a cooler with ice and water, it will stay cold for quite some time and thus keep your food cold. But there are several problems with relying on a cooler for all your food storage needs.

First off, coolers are big, bulky, and clumsy. They are even harder to handle when full of ice and water, which also makes them challenging to empty out when not in use. Not only are they a pain to carry and move around, but the amount of food storage they offer is deceptively tiny. Once you fill your cooler with ice and water, there is not much room left for your food! Adding on to that, coolers will take up valuable storage space in your RV.

Secondly, all that ice in your cooler will eventually melt away into water. For some food items, this may not be a problem. But this can be disastrous for foods that can't get wet, containers that might pop open accidentally, or food that is wrapped up in non-waterproof wrappers such as bread. Once the ice melts and turns into water, it will work its way inside and ruin these kinds of foods, making them soggy and disgusting.

Our gas absorption refrigerator eliminates all of those problems and provides you with a vast host of benefits that make traveling and camping much more enjoyable. For starters, this refrigerator can be powered in three different ways. You can power this refrigerator by 12v DC or by 120v AC. However, keep in mind that you should only use 12v DC as your power source when driving, as extended use can drain your battery.

The fridge's propane connection.The third option for powering this refrigerator is with liquid propane. This refrigerator is not usable with natural gas, only propane. Using propane and a 12v connection to power this refrigerator makes it a "gas absorption refrigerator" and offers you several benefits. Electricity can be a rare resource when traveling or camping that you will want to conserve as best you can, even in an RV. This refrigerator can be used with propane, although it will still require 12v power to function. That being said, the propane usage and 12v power requirement still mean far less power usage as compared to running a refrigerator entirely on electricity. The energy-saving aspect of the propane/12v power means you will not have a large, significant drain on your electricity when using your refrigerator, allowing you to use the majority of your electricity for other applications. On the other hand, liquid propane is a very easily obtained resource and can be stored in large quantities without a hassle. Propane refrigerators are also very efficient, running continuously off of one propane tank and a small 12v power source for an impressively long time.

How can a refrigerator cool things down with propane? The propane flame starts to heat a sealed chamber. This chamber contains ammonia and water until it begins to boil. When this chemical mixture begins to boil it causes the ammonia to turn into a gas and rise up to another chamber. Once the ammonia gas reaches this new chamber it begins to cool down and condense into a liquid. This liquid then flows into an evaporator where it then mixes with hydrogen gas.
Black RV refrigerator back view.Mixing ammonia and hydrogen causes a chemical reaction that is called “endothermic”. An endothermic chemical reaction absorbs heat from the surrounding area. In the case of this appliance, the chemical reaction absorbs heat from inside the refrigerator, cooling down food. The absorption of heat causes the ammonia to return to a gas form, beginning the process once again.

Close up on the RecPro logo and the indicator lights on the front of the fridge.The interface that this propane refrigerator offers you is easy to use and understand. You have a button on the far left for switching the fridge on and off. To the right of that is a button that lets you choose between your DC and AC power sources. To the mid-right is the button that allows you to choose between auto and gas. In the middle of these buttons is a small Check light, which will light up if there is a problem with the refrigerator, so you will not be caught unaware by any issues. The far-right button is how you control the temperature of your refrigerator, as pushing it will let you select between five different temperature levels.

Road trips and camping trips are adventures that can come with a variety of obstacles. Keeping your food cold and fresh so that you can eat when you want to should not be one of those obstacles that you struggle with. With our 6.3 cubic foot gas absorption fridge, your adventures will be far more enjoyable and convenient. You can use our website or speak with our customer care team today if you would like to get one of these marvelous refrigerators for your RV. If you have any questions, you can always talk to us over the phone or contact us online!

Firmy press handle in to lock.

Latching handles for securing while on the road. Reversible door. 3 way power of propane, 12 volt, and 110 volt.

Black RV refrigerator measurements.

The entire propane refrigerator measures 24" ¾" long, 23 ¼" wide, and 53 ½" high. It is available with either a stainless steel door insert or a black door insert, either of which will look great in any RV! On the refrigerator and freezer are latching door handles, which will lock the doors closed to prevent them from opening up and spilling your food everywhere as you travel. The reversible design of the doors allow you to switch the handles and hinge over, so you can open the fridge and freezer from the right or left, whichever you prefer! Brackets for reversing the door are sold separately.


  • Reversible Door
  • Can be powered in 3 different ways:
    • DC 12v, 275w
    • AC 120v, 325w
    • Liquid Propane Gas (40g/hr gas input and still needs 12V power to function)
  • 2.75 KPa test point pressure
  • 180L gross volume
  • 45L freezer volume
  • RAE180
  • Climate class N/T
  • Latching door handles
  • Install in a level, upright position
  • Cool for 12 hours before storing food
  • Cannot be used with natural gas
  • Exterior:
    • Available with Stainless Steel for Black door insert
    • On/Off button
    • DC/AC button
    • Auto/Gas button
    • Check light
    • 5 different temperature settings with a selector button
    • Measures 24 ¾" L x 23 ¼" W x 53 ½" H
    • Allow 1" minimum clearance on all sides
  • Freezer:
    • Door measures 16 ½" H x 23 ¼" W
    • Door insert measures 15 ¾” H x 22” W
    • Interior measures 12 ½" D x 17" w x 13" H
    • 1 wire rack with 3 different height levels
  • Main Compartment:
    • Door measures 23 ¼" W x 33 ½" H
    • Door insert measures 22” W x 32 3/8" H
    • Interior measures 15" D x 19 ¼" W x 30 ¼" H
    • 8 ½" D on the top shelf
    • 3 adjustable racks
    • Bright LED light
    • 3 door compartments
  • Door Compartments:
    • Top compartment measures 3" D x 17" W x 6" H
    • Middle compartment measures 3" D x 17" W x 9 ½" H
    • Bottom compartment measures 3" D x 17" W x 13" H

Black RV refrigerator with the door open and with food in the fridge, freezer, and the inside of the doors.

This propane refrigerator gives you plenty of space for your food, thanks to its 180L gross volume. The fridge's interior measures a roomy 15" deep, 19 ¼" wide, and 30 ¼" high in total; however, the top shelf is only 8 ½" deep due to the fins behind it. Speaking of shelves, inside this refrigerator are three wire racks that can be moved up and down via the slots on the side. This lets you adjust the space inside to better accommodate larger and bulkier food items. Additionally, a bright LED light inside the refrigerator makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

The door itself also helps you with your food storage thanks to the three door compartments built in. All of these compartments measure 3" deep and 17" wide. However, the top measures 6" high, the middle measures 9 ½" tall, and the bottom measures 13" high. These compartments are helpful because they allow you to store drinks, dressings, sauces, and other food that come in bottles and jars inside the door. This keeps them out of the way of other food on the shelves, saving you space!

This refrigerator is not just a refrigerator. It is also a freezer with a splendid 45L freezer volume! The freezer's interior measures 12 ½" deep, 17" wide, and 13" high. Inside this freezer is one wire rack, which can be removed and adjusted to three different height levels. This freezer is ideal for storing foods that need to be kept super cold, such as frozen meats, popsicles, ice cream, and more.

A Few Tips For Your Refrigerator
Your refrigerator will not require a whole lot of maintenance, but there are a few things that you can do if you want to enhance its efficiency and prolong its life. The first, and arguably most important, of which is making sure that your refrigerator is kept level. This refrigerator must be kept level, and should only be installed on a solid and even floor that can support the combined weight of the fridge and its contents. Keeping the refrigerator level is especially important when it is turned on and in use. Operating your refrigerator for any length of time when it is not in an even and upright position can cause irreversible damage to it, resulting in you needing a replacement. This refrigerator should not be installed on any carpet or other easily flammable materials.

Secondly, allow your refrigerator to cool for up to 12 hours before filling it with any food. Putting hot and cold food in your refrigerator before it is fully cooled down forces the refrigerator to work harder and use more energy. Whenever possible, you should store food that is precooled.

Regular defrosting can also help improve the efficiency of your refrigerator. Over time the fins inside the refrigerator can develop a layer of frost and ice, especially if you frequently store food that is hot and steaming. To defrost, simply empty out your refrigerator, make sure it is turned off, and leave the doors open to allow all frost and ice to melt. You can then quickly clean it out with a damp cloth.

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