RV Recessed LED Ceiling Light 6" Cool White

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  • RV Recessed LED Ceiling Light 6" Cool White
  • RV Recessed LED Ceiling Light 6" Cool White
  • RV Recessed LED Ceiling Light 6" Cool White
  • RV Recessed LED Ceiling Light 6" Cool White
  • RV Recessed LED Ceiling Light 6" Cool White
  • RV Recessed LED Ceiling Light 6" Cool White
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Ambient room lighting is designed to mimic natural light and fill your space with equal brightness from above. The goal of ambient lighting is to provide sufficient illumination for general activities without being overpowering. The keywords here are “sufficient” and “without overpowering.” Interior lighting sometimes feels like a balancing act between too much and not enough. Too much light can wash out your space and give you a headache; too little lighting can negatively impact your mood, energy, and productivity. If you are struggling to dial in the ambient interior lighting in your RV, RecPro has plenty of great options to consider, such as this 6” standard recessed LED light.

Multiple Applications
This 6” recessed light fixture comes standard with non-replaceable, dimmable LED lights (dimmer switch not included). This fixture requires a 6 ½” hole to be cut out in the ceiling for installation. A 1 ½” overhang around the edge allows the fixture to lay flush with your ceiling, and the light is slightly recessed. Once installed, these lights have a clean, minimalist design that goes with any style. If you have a compatible dimmer switch, you can easily manipulate the brightness of this fixture to fit your needs.


Installation of this fixture is straightforward and comes with printed wiring and install instructions, so you may find it easy to complete this project yourself. Additionally, quick connect attachments for the electrical connection and the pre-affixed installation clips that come with this fixture simplify the installation process. This white LED light relies on an 18AWG three-wire connection to receive power. Since this light is Type IC and Type Non-IC compatible, it can be installed with or without direct contact with insulation. This versatile light can even be used in wet locations like the bathroom.

This LED light fixture can more efficiently brighten up a dark room than other lights. This is because LED lights are brighter, more energy efficient, and longer lasting. This recessed light fixture is rated to offer up to 1050 lumens, a light color of 3500k, and color accuracy of 90. Incandescent and halogen lighting gives off heat which can result in rising temperatures within your rig during use in the summer. This is not the case for LED lighting making it a better choice for RVers who travel primarily during summer months or to warmer climates.

When it comes to power, this light has an input voltage of 120V AC, a frequency of 60Hz, and an amperage of 0.125A. Dealing with limited power is part of the RV lifestyle, so energy efficiency is imperative when considering features that will become a part of your rig.


Get Bright
light onThis 6” recessed LED light fixture is sure to brighten up your rig. This fixture is quick and simple to install with easy-to-follow installation instructions and handy pre-affixed hardware. If you have any questions about this product, you can contact us online or by calling our Customer Care team, and we will be happy to help!




  • Dimmable recessed LED light fixture - non-replaceable light
    • Dimmer switch not included, compatible dimmers listed on installation instructions
  • Available in packs of 2, 4, 6, and 12
  • Requires 6 ½” cut-out
  • Three-wire connection - white (NEUTRAL), black (HOT/LIVE), green (GROUND)
    • 18AWG wires
    • Pre-installed quick connectors
  • Installation instructions included
  • Type IC or Type Non-IC compatible
  • Suitable for wet locations
  • Conforms to ANSI/UL 1598: 2021 Ed.5
  • Certified to CSA C22.2#250.0:2021 Ed.5
  • Certified airtight per ASTM E283-2004(2012)
  • Measured at 2CFM or less
  • White


  • Voltage: 120V AC
  • Amperage: 0.125 A
  • Frequency: 60 Hz


  • Wattage: 15 W
  • Color Accuracy: 90 CRI
  • Lumens: 1050 LMS
  • Light Color: 3500K CCT



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