RV Pleated Shade Repair Kit

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  • RV Shade Repair Kit
  • RV Shade Repair Kit
  • RV Shade Repair Kit
  • RV Shade Repair Kit
  • RV Shade Repair Kit
  • RV Shade Repair Kit
  • RV Shade Repair Kit
  • RV Shade Repair Kit
  • RV Shade Repair Kit
  • RV Shade Repair Kit
  • RV Shade Repair Kit
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RV Shade Repair

Tan Shade Repair Kit RV Shade Repair Kit

Unlike stationary homes, recreational vehicles experience a wide variety of environmental conditions, from prolonged vibration and extreme temperatures to bored grandkids and pent-up pets. At RecPro, we know if it is something simple, then you don’t want (or need) to spend hours researching a complete replacement; you just need that one little part to hold it all together. Sometimes you just need a quick fix.

If you aren't ready for completely new shades (or you just got them and accidentally cut one of the cords when opening the package), then this handy Pleated Shade Repair Kit might be just what the doctor ordered. This kit includes the essentials needed to restring or repair your day, night, or night and day pleated shades of either the two cord or four cord variety. In a few minutes, you can fix your shades and extend their life instead of entirely switching them. This is a great solution for when you already have a quality product and don’t want to add hassle or start from square one again.

But how do you know if this kit will work for you? Intended to be universal, this kit will work with most (non-imported) shades on the market. Here is how to calculate how much cord you will need:

  1. Add together:
    Shade width in inches x 2 =
    Shade Length + 5 =

  2. Using the subtotal from step one, multiply by the number of cords in your shade, which will give you the total number of inches you need. This kit includes 5 cords that are 20 feet (240 inches) long. For a total of 1,200 inches in each kit.

If you still aren't sure this will work for you, contact our friendly Customer Care team. They are standing by to help you with any questions you have.

RV Shade Repair Kit


  • Repair up to 5 shades 36" x 36"
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Cord Color: White, Tan, or Black
  • Cord Retainers: Clear
  • Compatible with most shades
  • Cord diameter: 1.4 mm

Package Contains:

  • Five 20-ft. cords (100 ft. total)
  • Six Cord Retainers
  • Eight cord bushings
  • Three Springs
  • Instructions
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