RV Plastic Repair Kit for Fender Skirts, Tubs and more

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  •  Plastic Repair Kit for Plastic, Fiberglass, Wood, & More
  •  Plastic Repair Kit for Plastic, Fiberglass, Wood, & More
  •  Plastic Repair Kit for Plastic, Fiberglass, Wood, & More
  •  Plastic Repair Kit for Plastic, Fiberglass, Wood, & More
  •  Plastic Repair Kit for Plastic, Fiberglass, Wood, & More
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Do you have a crack in your RV faucet handle? Is there a gap in your wood furniture? You can breathe a sigh of relief, as you will not need to replace your appliances or furniture entirely! RecPro can offer you a more straightforward and far cheaper solution thanks to our plastic repair kit!


Our plastic repair kit comes in three colors; white, black, and clear. When used, it hardens into a hard, rigid plastic that can be sanded down and painted. It is made right here in the USA and has a variety of uses in your home, office, and RV!

applicator tipscupOur plastic repair kit is very easy to use, and is so strong that it can even be used to repair ABS plastic water tanks. The 30g repair powder mixes with the 50ml activator liquid in the included cup. Once mixed, it undergoes a chemical reaction that causes the mixture to harden into a rigid, durable plastic. The included applicator bottle and two tips make it very easy to apply the mix to various surfaces, allowing you to quickly fill in gaps and cracks in furniture, hard plastics, and even more! Alternatively, you can use the small pipette for more minor cracks and crevices. If you need to repair or replace some small plastic parts, you can use the including molding bar!

This plastic repair kit is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of different repairs. It bonds well with hard plastic, fiberglass, wood, and more! Whether you need to repair some stripped threads or repair your wood furniture, this repair kit will be all you need. It can repair up to 15” of cracks, so there is plenty to use!

Take note that this Plastex plastic repair kit is only usable with hard plastics. It cannot be used with soft plastics, such as those on a NON-ABS plastic water tank.

Be prepared for repairs with one of our black, white, or clear plastic repair kits today! You can use our website or speak with our customer care team to get one for yourself! If you have any questions, feel free to speak with us over the phone or online.


  • White, Black, and Clear color options
  • 30-gram repair powder
  • 50ml activator liquid
  • 1 reusable molding bar
  • 1 applicator bottle
  • 1 powder cup
  • 2 applicator tips
  • 1 small clear pipette
  • Sandable and paintable
  • Easy to use
  • Glue, fill gaps, remake tabs, repair stripped threads, and much more
  • Can be used to repair ABS plastic tanks
  • For use with plastic, fiberglass, wood, and more
  • Made in the USA
  • Repairs up to 15” of cracks
  • Suitable for home, office, and RV use
  • NOT for use with softer non-paintable plastics (Ex. polypropylene and polyethylene)


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