RV Pex Water Line Red 100ft Roll

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  • RV Pex Water Line Red 100ft Roll
  • RV Pex Water Line Red 100ft Roll
  • RV Pex Water Line Red 100ft Roll
  • RV Pex Water Line Red 100ft Roll
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PEX tubing is used in more than 60 percent of modern water supply systems, and for good reason. First, PEX tubing is flexible. Traditionally used copper and galvanized steel tubing have to use connectors to change their direction, leaving your plumbing system looking crooked and confusing. With PEX, you can use what is called "homerun" plumbing, using one piece of tubing to run through the walls and floor uninterrupted to your faucet or fixture. Because there are no stops, this eliminated the risk of multiple leaks along the water line. Second, PEX expands, which makes it more resistant to freeze-cracking than its copper and steel counterparts. With this added durability, it can be used for your hot and cold water lines without the fear of the material being broken by the temperature. In addition, PEX does not corrode, which can happen over time with both copper and steel pipes. Third, PEX tubing is quieter, eliminating that hammering noise that can be heard from copper or steel pipes. Finally, PEX is easy to use and easy to identify in the future. The color-coding makes it easy to see which line goes to the hot water and which line goes to the cold water and the tubing can be connected to existing supply lines with the correct fittings.

PEX tubing isn't connected through soldering, though. Instead, you use either copper crimp rings or compression fittings. While copper crimp rings are a very common way to connect PEX, using them requires the correct tool. For an easier and more secure connection, compression fittings are available. These, when combined with the PEX tubing, give you a strong and watertight plumbing system. For the best results when using PEX, only use the recommended tools, store the tubing indoors and out of the sun, and use a PEX cutter to make clean cuts so that they are easier to work with.

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  • Dimensions: 1/2" OD (outer dimension)
  • Color: Red
  • Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Flexible
  • Color-coded (blue for cold, red for hot)
  • Does not require soldering to install
  • Silent water flow
  • Works with Flair-It Fittings
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