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  • RV Microwave Over the Range 30" Stainless Steel
  • RV Microwave Over the Range 30" Stainless Steel
  • RV Microwave Over the Range 30" Stainless Steel
  • RV Microwave Over the Range 30" Stainless Steel
  • RV Microwave Over the Range 30" Stainless Steel
  • RV Microwave Over the Range 30" Stainless Steel
  • RV Microwave Over the Range 30" Stainless Steel

RV Microwave 30" Over the Range Convection Oven Stainless Steel Finish



The best part about camping in an RV is convenience. With the many amenities that come with an RV, you can go on your many vacations and adventures without leaving behind the comforts of home. For your meals, one of the best conveniences is a microwave. Whether you're reheating food from the cookout last night or you're making a quick meal before setting out for the beach, having a microwave in your rig can make or break your food experiences. For this reason, if your old model isn't looking too great or if you're simply creating a new setup for your RV, adding a high-quality microwave that will give you convenience and reliability is the best thing to do. With the added benefit of convection oven capabilities, you can create the great dishes you would at home even if you don't have an oven available in your RV.

Stainless steel microwave

This 120V over the range microwave measures 30" wide by 15 1/4" high by 16 1/4" deep and can be installed over the range in your RV. Weighing in at about 68 pounds, this microwave has a 42L capacity with a turntable of 13.5" diameter. Included in the package are installation instructions as well as an installation diagram, pieces which make the installation process easier and less frustrating. With the high-quality design of the microwave combined with the sleek stainless steel finish, you've got yourself one terrific microwave for your RV. What's even better about this model is the convection capabilities. With the limited space in an RV, having appliances that can cover a few bases is a life saver. In this way, an oven with convection capabilities means you don't have to try and figure out how to make room for a full oven. Just set the microwave to the convection setting and you can make all the delicious meals that you would in a traditional oven!

Over the range microwave


When you're taking your well-earned vacation out on the road, you want your RV to have everything that will make your trip amazing. For your kitchen, that includes a great microwave. While some microwave models are not able to be installed above a range, this model can help you out with that. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • Dimensions: 30"W x 15 1/4"H x 16 1/4"D
  • Convection oven capabilities
  • Over the range microwave
  • 42L capacity
  • 13.5" turntable diameter
  • About 68 pounds
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Mounting space requires:
    • 66" or more from the floor to the top of the microwave
    • 16.5"H space
    • 13"D maximum
    • 30"W
    • 2"H from the top of the stove back
    • Bottom edge of the cabinet needs to be 30" or more from the cooking surface
    • If the cabinet depth including the cabinet doors is more than 13" then the unit must be spaced out from the wall using adequate materials supporting 150 pounds to allow proper top vent air exhaust/intake
    • The space between the cabinets must be 30" wide and free of obstructions
    • Microwave is defaulted to recirculate, but there are specific instructions in the manual to rotate motor to vent out the back of microwave
    • When installing the microwave oven beneath smooth, flat cabinets, be careful to follow the instructions on the top cabinet clearance template for power cord clearance

Technical Data:

  • 120V AC
  • 60Hz
  • Input power: 1500W
  • Output power: 900W
  • 15 Amps
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