RV LP Propane Gas Dual Tank Mounting Rack White

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  • RV LP Propane Gas Dual Tank Mounting Rack White
  • RV LP Propane Gas Dual Tank Mounting Rack White
  • RV LP Propane Gas Dual Tank Mounting Rack White
  • RV LP Propane Gas Dual Tank Mounting Rack White
  • RV LP Propane Gas Dual Tank Mounting Rack White
  • RV LP Propane Gas Dual Tank Mounting Rack White
  • RV LP Propane Gas Dual Tank Mounting Rack White
  • RV LP Propane Gas Dual Tank Mounting Rack White
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White LP panWhether you are new to camping or a seasoned veteran of the RV lifestyle, chances are you will need to use propane at some point in time. Propane is a valuable and versatile resource when it comes to camping. It can function as a primary or secondary source of power for many RVing and camping accessories, and it can provide light to help you see in dark places and heat to keep you warm or cook your food. Using propane is very nearly an integral part of camping and RVing! The only tricky part is storing it effectively and securely. With RecPro and our LP Mounting Rack, storing your propane tanks efficiently becomes more manageable.

Propane And You

Propane is not as straightforward to use as electrical power, but it is easier to store in large quantities and replace. Propane usage involves an array of additional accessories that keep the whole system functioning, including but not limited to hoses, clamps, gauges, valves, switches, and more.

White pan pieces

When you are rolling down the road in your RV, you do not want your propane tanks to move around and get loose or fall off. This can be irritating and damaging to your propane system but can also wind up being a huge safety hazard. Your enjoyment can even be threatened after reaching your campsite and setting up your camping area, as thieves may attempt to steal your precious propane. Our LP Mounting Rack helps you keep your propane tanks secure, stable, and protected to avoid issues such as these.

About Our LP Mounting Rack

Our LP Mounting Rack is designed to combat and withstand the harsh elements of life on the road. It features powder-coated steel construction, lending it superior durability and strength to other metals such as aluminum. The strength and design of our LP Mounting Rack allow it to support two propane tanks weighing 20 to 30 pounds at once. The powder-coating layer on top of this steel material helps protect the steel from rusting and corrosion, further extending the lifespan of this accessory.

Propane Tray features

This LP Mounting Rack is lightweight, weighing in at only 9lbs, yet it is fast and exceedingly easy to use. Overall, our mounting rack measures 23 ” wide by 8 ½” deep. This mounting rack features a simple design of a bottom tray, vertical bar, connecting bar, and securing wing. Included with our tank mounting kit is an LP Changeover Regulator Bracket. However, it should be noted that no tanks, regulators, hoses, pigtails, or other accessories are included with this mounting rack.

Powder coated propane tray

How Does It Work

White pan detailOur RecPro White LP Mounting Rack is easy to use. Lay down the bottom tray, and attach the vertical bar to the hole in the center. Afterward, slide the connecting bar over the top of the vertical bar. Place your propane tank or tanks in the tray on either side of the vertical bar, slightly lifting the connecting bar so that the edges go under the handles of your propane tanks. Make sure that the notches on the connecting bar are over the lower edge of your propane tanks. Finally, twist on the securing wing until tight, using a wrench if necessary. Your propane tanks are now tightly held and secure!

Use our website or have a quick chat with one of our Customer Care team representatives if you want to get a White LP Mounting Rack for your RV. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this product, please contact us online or over the phone.


  • RV Propane Tank Mounting kit
  • Supports both 20 and 30-pound tanks
  • Holds two tanks at once
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Bottom tray, vertical bar, securing wing, and connecting bar
  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Durable
  • Rust-resistant
  • Weight: 9 lb
  • Dimensions: 23 5/8"W x 8 1/2"D overall
  • Includes LP Changeover Regulator Bracket
  • Tanks, regulators, and pigtails not included
White pan with propane
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