RV LP Propane Gas Detector with Alarm

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  • RV LP Propane Gas Detector with Alarm
  • RV LP Propane Gas Detector with Alarm
  • RV LP Propane Gas Detector with Alarm
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backPropane gas powers so many things on an RV that it’s difficult to operate without it. The trouble with using propane, however, is that it comes with a safety warning; if the gas escapes, it can be damaging to your health. Of course, any power source comes with risks. Electricity can shock you, fire can burn you, and so on. In order to protect yourself from gas leaks specifically, though, you need a sensor. An LP sensor alerts you when there is a leak. Since LP gas is heavy, it accumulates near the floor, which is why the LP alarm is installed closer to the floor. To help protect yourself from the harmful side effects of a propane leak, it’s a good idea to install a high-quality and reliable LP sensor alarm.


This RV propane gas alarm protects you and your loved ones from a propane leak with its durable and reliable sensors. Measuring 4-1/4" x 2-5/8, it is available in both black and white. Because of its function, it is not able to be painted, as the paint could restrict the openings needed for the sensors. There are two pre-drilled holes for installation, which makes installation easy. It is a direct-wire installation, with two wires. There is an indicator light as well so that you know the state of the alarm. To keep it in good condition, make sure to test weekly or af ter a storage period. Do not clean it with strong chemical cleaners and make sure to keep the openings free of dirt and dust. Made in America, it’s a strong and reliable alarm to help keep you and your loved ones safe while on vacation.

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  • RV Propane Gas Alarm
  • Dimensions: 4-1/4" x 2-5/8, holes are approximately 3-5/8" apart
  • Colors: Black, White
  • Do not paint
  • Two pre-drilled installation screw holes
  • Indicator light
  • Do not clean with strong chemical cleaners
  • Keep openings free of dirt and dust
  • Not suitable as a smoke/fire alarm or for installation in hazardous locations defined in the National Electrical Code
  • Single and/or multiple station gas detector suitable for use in recreational vehicles
  • Made in America
Technical Data:
  • 13.5 V DC
  • 17mA (70mA Max)
  • Good for 5 years
  • Direct wire installation
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