RV Leveling Blocks Stackable 10 Piece

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  • RV Leveling Blocks Stackable 10 Piece
  • RV Leveling Blocks Stackable 10 Piece
  • RV Leveling Blocks Stackable 10 Piece
  • RV Leveling Blocks Stackable 10 Piece
  • RV Leveling Blocks Stackable 10 Piece
  • RV Leveling Blocks Stackable 10 Piece
  • RV Leveling Blocks Stackable 10 Piece
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Have you ever tried to park your RV, travel trailer, or 5th wheel on an uneven surface? How did it go? Probably not that great…

detailSpending time in an unlevel RV is not only uncomfortable, but it can affect the functioning of particular equipment and appliances within your rig. For example, if your motorhome has slide-outs, these may not function correctly unless the RV is level within a certain range. Also, many RVs have absorption refrigerators which rely on the unit being level to provide adequate cooling. An uneven parking job could potentially damage your motorhome or your belongings. RecPro has a solution!

handleWith this 10-piece set of wheel lock stackable leveling blocks, you can easily ensure a level parking surface for your rig since the stacking height is customizable. A simple interlocking mechanism ensures the blocks remain stable, though you should not stack leveling blocks over 4 ½" high for safety. An easy-to-use carrying handle allows you to carry multiple blocks simultaneously with a simple twist-to-lock design. This handle, and the included carrying bag, also make storage easy!


stackThese stackable leveling blocks are constructed from yellow high-density polyethylene (HDPE), making them durable, lightweight, and easy to see. Each block weighs 0.8 lbs, meaning the full stack weighs 8 lbs. The yellow color is easy to identify as you park your trailer, with or without assistance. It can be extremely difficult to align your tires if you cannot see the parking blocks!

Simplify the RV leveling process with these easy-to-use, stackable leveling blocks. Even if your rig has an automatic leveling system, you may find that additional leveling is sometimes required. These blocks are easy to store, so you can have them whenever you need them. Order your set of parking blocks online, or call us to place your order today! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care team, who will be happy to help!



  • Interlocking stackable design provides stable support for your rig. 
  • 10-piece set of stackable leveling blocks with compatible carrying handle and storage bag
  • Blocks constructed from yellow HDPE plastic
  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 8.5” x 1”(+½” for raised stack connectors)
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs/block, 0.2 lbs carrying handle


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