RV Ladder Extension - 25" tall

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  • RV Ladder Extension - 25" tall
  • RV Ladder Extension - 25" tall
  • RV Ladder Extension - 25" tall
  • RV Ladder Extension - 25" tall
  • RV Ladder Extension - 25" tall
  • RV Ladder Extension - 25" tall
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Struggle With Steps No Longer
Having an RV on your ladder is a practical, convenient, and safe addition that many enthusiasts choose to add to their RV. Having an exterior ladder makes it easy to get to the top of your RV and perform maintenance and more. However, for some people, getting over their bumper and up to that first ladder rung can be difficult. With RecPro, we make things easy thanks to our 2-Step Ladder Extension, available in black or silver.

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Solid Construction
Our RecPro ladder extensions are built to last, which is easily seen in their design and the materials they are constructed with. Our ladders are built using heavy-duty aluminum metal. Specifically, 6063-T52 aluminum metal is used for the tubing, and 6063-T6 aluminum metal is used for the steps. Being made of aluminum, this ladder extension will not rust or corrode over time. The steps of the ladder extension are tightly screwed to the sidebars, which keeps the ladder extension firmly assembled and helps prevent wiggling and wobbling.


standoffA Ladder With Features
hook detailFor such a simple piece of equipment, there is quite a lot that it offers. The ergonomic steps on this lightweight ladder extension are textured, which provides you with additional traction as you are climbing. The mounting hooks on our USA-made ladder extension fit over your bumper or the bottom rung of your exterior ladder, keeping the extension secure as you begin your ascent. Our ladder extensions are also equipped with heavy-duty rubber feet on the stand-offs, which prevents slipping and sliding during use. Thanks to its design, our ladder extension is very easy to install when needed and remove when not in use. Our 2 Step Ladder Extensions are available with a black or silver smooth powder coating finish.

Step Easy
Getting onto the ladder of your RV should not be a difficult task. With RecPro and our 2-Step Ladder Extension, it will be easy! Use our website to order your ladder extension today, or speak with our Customer Care Team if you need further assistance.



Firm construction
Textured ergonomic steps
Heavy-duty rubber feet & stand-offs
Lightweight aluminum metal design
Mounting hooks on top
Smooth powder coat finish

Made in the USA
Will not rust or corrode
Easy to install or remove
Textured steps provide better grip
Rubber feet reduce slipping and sliding
Mounting hooks keep ladder secure
No wiggling or wobbling
Helps you easily climb over your bumper or get to your ladders bottom rung

Black or Silver
Steps screwed tightly to sidebars
Hooks onto your bumper or the bottom rung of your ladder



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