RV Kitchen Faucet Tall Spout Brushed Nickel

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  • RV Kitchen Faucet
  • RV Kitchen Faucet
  • RV Kitchen Faucet
  • RV Kitchen Faucet
  • RV Kitchen Faucet
  • RV Kitchen Faucet
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Interior design in an RV is all about the touches. It's about the curtains that remind you of your favorite location, the paintings that your child created, and the rug that ties the room together. It's these personal touches that you add that set your rig apart from others. When your recreational vehicle is sitting in the campground among like-minded RV'ers and you realize all the RVs around you look like the same designer (who is REALLY in love with brown and khaki) got a hold of them, you know you need to do something special. You need to work on the little details that will help you feel like your rig is unique and an extension of you. And you know what? The kitchen is not exempt from this. Fixtures like faucets are a great way to set your recreational vehicle apart from the rest and make it feel more like the home it can be.

The fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom areas can be effective at drawing the eye of onlookers to your showcase of cabinets and appliances. The RV Kitchen Faucet 8" Tall Spout with Brushed Nickel finish from RecPro is an excellent example of form, design, and aesthetic that will punch up your rig's interior. A standard replacement piece (as it pertains to the plumbing), this fixture has an elegant finish, great lines, and teapot handles that give it the little bit of "extra" your interior needs.

You don't need to completely gut and re-do your RV interior to give it that spice. With just a few carefully-chosen details, you can have a rig that reminds you of why you went out on the road in the first place; to relax, recharge, and experience life to the fullest.

Call our helpful customer service team and check out our website to find more examples of this kind of RV hardware that RecPro has available today! Have any questions? Contact us online or give us a call!


  • 8" Centerset Faucet
  • Teapot Handles
  • Brushed Nickel Finish
  • Standard Replacement for most RVs
  • Metal Coated Plastic Material

RV Kitchen Faucet

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