RV KIB Tank Sensor Monitor Panel M23 Vertical

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  • RV KIB Tank Sensor Monitor Panel M23 Vertical
  • RV KIB Tank Sensor Monitor Panel M23 Vertical
  • RV KIB Tank Sensor Monitor Panel M23 Vertical
  • RV KIB Tank Sensor Monitor Panel M23 Vertical
  • RV KIB Tank Sensor Monitor Panel M23 Vertical
  • RV KIB Tank Sensor Monitor Panel M23 Vertical
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The Right Monitor Panel For Your Tanks
monitor panelAsk any veteran RV owner, and they will likely agree that owning one is no easy task. You can’t just pack everything into your RV and take off with nary a worry. You have to make sure that your rig has the right equipment to keep things running smoothly during your travels. Otherwise, you could run into some serious problems. Part of having the right equipment means having a way to monitor your batteries and water tanks, such as with this Tank Sensor Monitor Panel from RecPro.

This tank monitor panel makes it incredibly easy to monitor and manage your RV water tanks, as you might imagine. However, there is a surprising amount of technology packed inside this little gadget, as it not only allows you to monitor your fresh, gray, and black water tanks but your batteries as well. The easy-to-read display makes monitoring the levels of your tanks and batteries much easier, with the easy-to-push buttons allowing you to switch between tanks and batteries with a quick press. This USA-made device even features a built-in fault light, which will brightly illuminate should any issues occur.


However, this device does more than just allow you to monitor your water tanks and batteries. Once installed, which is easy to do thanks to its simple wiring, this monitor panel will put control of your water heater, and water pumps right at your fingertips. This monitor panel features two light-up rocker switches, one for your water heater and one for your 3-way water pump, as well as an indicator light for the water pump. To top it all off, this device is designed for long-lasting use thanks to its hard and durable plastic housing.


  • Fault indicator light
  • 3-Way pump indicator light
  • 3-Way pump rocker switch
  • Water heater rocker switch
  • Hard plastic housing
  • Easy to read display
  • Easy to wire and install

When you’re able to keep a close eye on your water tanks and batteries, life with your RV becomes much easier, and your trips that much smoother. Use our website to order a Tank Sensor Monitor Panel from RecPro today, or speak with our Customer Care Team for further assistance.



  • Monitors your batteries, fresh, gray, and black water tanks
  • Durable and tough
  • Instantly discover any faults or issues
  • Puts control of your water heater and pump at your fingertips
  • Switches light up for easier visibility


  • Made in the USA
  • Black
  • Specs:
  • 12v DC power

The C, G, F, and L on the monitor stand for the charge of the battery (Charge, Good, Fair, and Low). Charge is set for 12.70-12.85V. Good is for 12.10-12.15V. Fair is for 11.60-11.65V. Low is for 6.00V and less. All values are in DC Volts plus/minus 5%.


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