RV Heavy Duty Landing Gear Motor M-9000

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  • RV Landing Gear Motor
  • RV Landing Gear Motor
  • RV Heavy Duty Landing Gear Motor M-9000
  • RV Landing Gear Motor
  • RV Landing Gear Motor
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motorStaying level and stable is important for an RV or camper. It makes sure your camper is on a level plane and prevents issues from occurring. But what if the issue occurs within your leveling legs themselves? If the stabilizer motor or landing gear motor in your leveling legs wears out or isn't working as it should, then it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. For just such a replacement, look no further than the RV landing gear motor here at

detailThis motor helps lower the leveling legs to keep your RV or camper stable while parked. It measures 8-1/2" x 4" x 3-3/8" and includes 2 motor mount bolts to install it. Included with this motor is a protected clutch to prevent system overloads, helping to further extend the life of the unit. This unit works with most stabilizer assemblies, however, it does not work with our Powered C-Jack Stabilizer Assembly (RP-4044). This unit runs on 12V DC power and runs 30 Amps and 360 Watts. It has an RPM of 5430 and is rated for 6500 pounds. Take note when using leveling legs: the front of the trailer must remain horizontal, as potential damage to the frame of the trailer may occur if the legs or power kits are operated unevenly. With proper safety, installation, and use, this motor should last through a good many trips and adventures.



For a high-quality stabilizing motor, look no further than here at Durable, high-quality, and efficient, this motor will keep your leveling legs and leveling system working well for a good amount of time to come. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • RV Landing Gear Motor
  • Helps lower leveling legs to keep RV stable while parked
  • Dimensions: 8-1/2" x 4" x 3-3/8"
  • Clutch protected to prevent system overloading
  • Does not work with RP-4044
  • Works with most stabilizer assemblies
  • Includes 2 Each Motor Mount Bolts (3-1/2" x 1/4" x 20 TPI)
  • Direct Replacement for Lippert 196308

Technical Data:

  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Amperage: 30 Amps (may require a 40 amp fuse under max load)
  • Wattage: 360 Watts
  • RPM: 5430
  • Rating: 6500 Lbs
  • UL Listed
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