RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit

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  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
  • RV Generator Exhaust Extension Kit
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generator exhaust with hardwareRVing is not all camping alone in the woods or a large, spacious campground. Many people bring their RVs along for a variety of different events and activities, such as tailgating parties, rallies, block parties, and more! When you have a lot of RVs together in close quarters while running their generators, you may find that the air can become stifling. That is because the generator fumes displace the air and make it harder to breathe. These fumes even contain carbon monoxide, a dangerous and potentially deadly gas. Due to how dangerous generator fumes are, many public RV designated areas require you to use a generator exhaust system. If you require such a system, then you are in luck! RecPro has just the RV generator exhaust system you need!

What It Can Do For You

Our RecPro RV Generator Exhaust System is designed with two main functions in mind. Our exhaust system works primarily to direct potentially harmful generator exhaust fumes up and away from your RV. Our exhaust system is designed using a coupling and heat-resistant tubing system to help safely direct the fumes of your generator above the roofline of your RV, allowing those fumes to safely disperse higher in the air without affecting the air at ground level.

Full Stack Environment

Secondly, our RV Generator Exhaust System helps reduce and dampen noise created by your generator so that you and your RV neighbors can enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere. Nobody wants to shout over the noise of a generator when trying to carry a conversation, and with our RV Generator Exhaust System, you won't have to!

Using our RV Generator Exhaust System can help reduce ground-level carbon monoxide levels by up to 98%, protecting you, your friends, your family, and other RVers close to you from this potentially deadly gas.

Generator exhaust features

How Does It Work

RV generators are highly popular in the RV world. They are an easy way to provide you with instant power whenever and wherever you need it. However, generators create a lot of noise and fumes, which is why some campgrounds and other locations may require you to use an exhaust system.

Generator exhaustThe stainless steel end attaches to the exhaust pipe of your RV using the included camp, pin, and adapter. It is designed to be compatible with nearly any RV, thanks to the slotted bushings. The hot exhaust fumes flow through the elbow and up into the black vertical tubes, along with cool air. As the exhaust fumes begin to cool, they get pushed up by more hot fumes produced by the generator, eventually getting pushed out of the top of the system to disperse safely.

Our RV Generator Exhaust System also helps dampen generator noise, which is produced in two ways. Generator noise is produced due to the vibration of the generator as it runs and the sound of the gasses it produces leaving the exhaust. Our exhaust system is held to the side of your RV using two S hooks, two latches, and a double-ended rubber bungee wrapped around the middle tube. This rubber bungee helps keep the system attached to your RV without transferring the generator's vibration to your RV and helps stabilize the system. Because the generator's fumes are directed up and over the roof of your RV, they have more time to cool down and expand, allowing those fumes to expel from the system far more quietly.

Generator attachment


Our RecPro RV Generator Exhaust System is designed to work with nearly any RV on the market. The 1 ½" mounting adapter can fit over or in exhaust pipes ranging from 1" to 2", with additional 1 ¼" and 1 " adapter bushings included. It is recommended that the top of the exhaust tube extends at least 6" above the roof of your RV. Our RV Generator Exhaust System extends up to 120" in total. We have kits available for additional exhaust height if needed. These additional extension kits are not included with the base product.


Our RV Generator Exhaust System is also very easy to install, requiring only a few minutes of your time. All the installation hardware you need is included. However, no installation tools are included with this kit. Start by inspecting the area around your RV and the exhaust pipe, ensuring that there are no obstructions. Measure the outer diameter of the exhaust pipe to figure out which adapters you will need to install.

generator exhaust hardwareSlide the slotted end of any needed bushing adapters over the exhaust pipe, with at least 2" of the exhaust pipe sliding into the adapter. Install the bushings one at a time if needed, starting with the smallest and always with the slotted end first. Offset the slots to ensure a good seal on the exhaust. Install the mounting adapter over the bushings or the exhaust pipe if bushings were not required. Use a wooden or plastic block and a hammer to tap the adapter and bushings if needed gently. Never tap or hit the mounting adapter or bushings directly with a hammer.

Turn the mounting adapter until the two holes are vertical. Place the muffler clamp over the slotted ends of the mounting adapter and bushings, then tighten. Mount the bottom tube with the stainless steel elbow into the mounting adapter and secure it with the D-clip wire lock. Connect the remaining tube sections, then connect them to the lower section.

Rubber BungeePull both sides of the rubber bungee on the tube up and to the side. The bungees should be far enough apart to apply tension to the tube and high enough to relieve pressure from the exhaust. Mark these points and install the two heavy-duty loop latches using the included screws or double-sided tape. Insert the S hooks onto the ends of the bungee and hook them to the latches.

The unit is now installed. Ensure that the generator exhaust system functions properly by running your generator for a short period of time. During this short time, you can take a small strip of paper and hold it to the opening of the lower section. The strip of paper should get sucked up into the tube and blown out of the top.

Generator Exhaust Measurements

Important Notes
No tools for installation are included. Our RV Generator Exhaust System is intended for RV generators ONLY and cannot be used with other types of generators. NEVER travel with the RV Generator Exhaust System attached, as doing so can result in damage to the generator, the exhaust system, or your RV. Always disassemble before travel. Extension kits for the generator exhaust system are sold separately.

Generator exhaust hardware measurements


  • Vents harmful exhaust from your generator away
  • Coupling and tubing system designed to direct generator exhaust fumes above the roofline of your RV
  • Protects your friends and family from carbon monoxide
  • Reduces ground-level carbon monoxide levels by up to 98%
  • Heat-resistant tubing
  • Extends up to 120 inches
  • Helps reduce generator noise
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with nearly any size exhaust pipe
  • Some locations may require the use of an RV generator exhaust system
  • Perfect for tailgate parties, rallies, camping, and more
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Quickly disassembles when you want to leave
  • Installation tools not included (i.e. screwdriver, hammer, wrench, etc)
  • Do not travel while the Generator Exhaust system is attached. Doing so may result in damage to the system, your generator, and your vehicle.
  • Not for use on non-RV generators


  • 1- Top tube
  • 1- Middle tube
  • 1- Base tube with stainless steel elbow
  • 8- Philips-head screws
  • 2- S hooks
  • 1- Rubber bungee
  • 2- Heavy-duty loop latches with 4 screw holes for mounting
  • 1- D-clip wire lock
  • 1- 1 ½" Muffler clamp with two nuts
  • 1- 1 ½"-Inch mounting adapter
  • 1- 1 ¼" Slotted bushing adapter
  • 1- 1 " Slotted bushing adapter

Exhaust Transfer Kit Add-on includes an additional set of hardware to easily transfer the exhaust system from one vehicle to another

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