RV Gas Strut Mounting Brackets

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  • RV Gas Strut Mounting Brackets RPB-1
  • RV Gas Strut Mounting Brackets RPB-1 front
  • RV Gas Strut Mounting Brackets RPB-1
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Hardware is an important part of any installation project. When you don't have it and you need it, it goes beyond important and into the "crucial" category. Such is the case with gas strut brackets. You not only need the right brackets for the job, but you also need brackets that are going to last. Stability and strength are the benchmarks that any lifting mechanism and its accessories is measured by in a mechanical application. If the part will bend, break, shear, or snap after a handful of uses, then it is not going to offer the longevity that you need. And what if the malfunction of the item causes a catastrophic failure ending in injury to you, your family, or a customer?

That is why the brackets are so important. Regardless of the lifting force of the struts, the entire weight of the door or hatch sits squarely on the head of the brackets supporting the struts. With that much exponential force being applied to one small targeted area, you need to be sure that your parts are the best you can buy.

At RecPro, we offer a line of brackets for your vehicles that will provide the strength and longevity you're looking for in your mechanical accessories. We offer three options that cover a wide assortment of applications across multiple platforms. From food truck awning gates to marine hatches, our brackets can be applied to fit most angles and surfaces. Our stainless-steel brackets are not only universally adaptable, but each can withstand 180 lbs. of force before hitting their shear point. Another benefit is that our brackets have a high tensile strength rating. They will last through many uses after installation, making them a perfect companion piece for our line of struts.

If you want hardware to make your life easy, then pick up some of our strut brackets today.

Bracket (part #s) sizes:

  • RPB-1: 2 1/2" wide x 1 1/4" tall x 5/8" lip
  • RPB-2: 2 1/2" wide x 1 3/4" tall
  • RPB-8: 2" wide x 11/16" tall x 1 1/4" lip


  • Shear point 180 lbs.
  • Three variations
  • Zinc plated to protect from rusting
  • Universal connection head
  • Multiple contact points
  • High polished finish
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