RV Furniture Replacement Power Zero Wall Recliner Transformer and Wall Plug

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  • Replacement Power Zero Wall Recliner Transformer and Wall Plug
  • Replacement Power Zero Wall Recliner Transformer and Wall Plug
  • Replacement Power Zero Wall Recliner Transformer and Wall Plug
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When it comes to convenient furniture, you just can't go wrong with powered furniture. You have your recliner and your cupholder, yes. But the power. It's this part that allows you to recline and place the footrest back down without lifting a finger. Well, okay, you do have to lift your finger. But with the powered option at your fingertips, you don't have to worry about pushing down the footrest or pulling a parachute pull cord. You can relax all day and not have to move a muscle. But what happens if it stops working? Is the entire chair broken? Do you have to get a completely new chair? Not at all. If your power is not working anymore, chances are there is something wrong with the transformer (power brick) or wall plug. Luckily, we have the replacement part right here on Just stop by, order yours, and get back to reclining in comfort and ease!

Unlike other furniture, you wont have to replace the entire piece if an item gets damaged. If something happens to your furniture, our furniture replacement section will help you get it back on its feet again. For the power cord and transformer, we have a replacement for that as well. Made with the same exact design, dimensions, and color, this replacement will fit in the same exact way as the original. No one will ever know that it's a replacement. So if you find yourself with an amazing powered recliner that just isn't working anymore and the problem is with the power plug and transformer, you're found just the piece to fix that problem.

Don't let your recliner go just because something's wrong with it. At the same time, though, don't just deal with a recliner that won't recline (as the powered recliner won't recline without the power source). Stop on by today and give your recliner a jolt of new life. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • Replacement transformer and wall plug for Power Zero Wall Recliner
  • Exact model of the original transformer and wall plug
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