RV Flair-It 1/2" Compression to Swivel Faucet Elbow Adapter

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  • Flair It Elbow Barb-Swivel Fitting
  • Flair It Elbow Barb-Swivel Fitting
  • Flair It Elbow Barb-Swivel Fitting
  • Flair It Elbow Barb-Swivel Fitting
  • Flair It Elbow Barb-Swivel Fitting
  • Flair It Elbow Barb-Swivel Fitting
  • Flair It Elbow Barb-Swivel Fitting
  • Flair It Elbow Barb-Swivel Fitting
  • Flair It Tee Barb-Barb-Barb Fitting
  • Flair It Tee Barb-Barb-Barb Fitting
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elbow water fittingIs your RV plumbing system cracked and leaking? Are your fittings just not holding up to the stress of living on the road? Do you want fittings that work well and for the long haul? Then you should check out these Flair-it fittings. Stronger than other bonds on the market and not requiring a tool to apply them, they are perfect for your RV's plumbing system.

Flair-it fittings are an answer to years of RV plumbing troubles. When RV manufacturers switched the brass pipes and fittings for the plastic insert fittings, copper crimp rings, and PEX or gray tubing, they solved the problem of flexibility and cost-effectiveness but added the problems of cracks, leaks, and poor connections. Flair-it fittings fix these problems because they're a completely different type of pipe connection. The ends have a flared end that is inserted into the pipe and a screw cap that is inserted over it to create a bond that will stand up to 90 pounds of pressure. This strong connection is the strongest on the market and you didn't even need a tool or plumber's tape. Because they don't use crimp rings or tools, you don't have to worry about the plastic cracking under the pressure. If you would like a tool to assist in the process, however, we do have a wrench available. Just make sure not to use any form of lubrication on the area during installation. Unlike crimp rings, and insert fittings, you don't have to have different sets for the PEX tubing vs. the gray tubing. Fitting with both and creating an equally strong bond, they are versatile and strong.

Tighten-to-compress fittings

water elbow fitting

These specific fittings divert the flow in a 90-degree angle and have one swivel end to screw onto a fixture and one end with the flared end and compression cover. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • .5" size
  • Divert the flow of water, with a swivel attachment on one end
  • Single, 2 pack, and 5 pack
  • Flair-it fitting
  • Solid plastic construction
  • Durable
  • Rust-resistant
  • Crack-resistant
  • Not tool-based fitting
  • Doesn't need crimp rings to attach
  • Works with both PEX tubing and Gray tubing
  • Tighten-to-compress fittings
  • Seal can hold 90 lbs of pressure
  • No plumber's tape needed
  • No leaks
  • Best plumbing connection on the market
  • DO NOT use a lubricant to apply the fitting
  • Wrench available to help with installation
  • Optional hose adapter for use with RecPro Pressurized Hose
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