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RV Fiberglass / Filon Siding Samples

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Fiberglass is a great material to use for your RV siding and roofing and for many reasons. First, it's lightweight. This reduced weight could help your RV to maintain the structure and integrity that it requires to stay in good condition. Second, this material is relatively easy to maintain and install, which means you won't have to spend as much time on it in the future. This material also comes in a few colors (Arctic White, Tan, Gray), which means you have more options for what color to make your RV. Because one of the biggest components of fiberglass is sand, this material is also eco-friendly. Another great thing about fiberglass is the durability. The durable nature of the material makes it a great choice for RV use and keeps it lasting for years to come. This fiberglass is 1/16" thick and has visible fibers. Because the pieces are cut from a master roll, they will vary slightly in size from piece to piece. These are not meant to be used for repair patches; they are just smaller. A great option for RV siding and roofing, this fiberglass siding sample also comes with the fast shipping that the rest of our products have. Just make sure to order before 11 AM EST. In order to install our fiberglass filon, we recommend using 3M contact cement for the adhesive.

Not sure on what color to get? Order a sample today! We offer three colors to choice from or select 'All Colors' to order all three. Colors are:

  • Color: Arctic White, Tan, Gray


  • Gauge (thickness): .045 mill (1/16")
  • Made of Filon: Durable and smooth reinforced plastic
  • Visible fibers
  • Size will very from piece to piece since they are cut
  • The pieces sent are identical to the actual larger pieces available, these are samples not meant to be used for repair patches
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