RV Electronic Entry Door Lock

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  • RV Electronic Entry Door Lock
  • RV Electronic Entry Door Lock
  • RV Electronic Entry Door Lock
  • RV Electronic Entry Door Lock
  • RV Electronic Entry Door Lock
  • RV Electronic Entry Door Lock
  • RV Electronic Entry Door Lock
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installedYou've had it with worrying about your RV, camper, or travel trailer being stolen or broken into. You've tried using a regular lock before and were never satisfied with the security and quality it offered! Imagine having an electronic travel trailer lock that is simple to use while also significantly enhancing the security of your RV, camper, or travel trailer. The Electronic Travel Trailer Lock from RecPro uses complex technology to ensure that only you may access the door with ease. The electronic travel trailer lock's sleek appearance and convenient features like immediate keyless entry and audio feedback make securing your RV easy and worry-free.

Greater Security
deadboltkeysThe electronic travel trailer lock comes with a robust deadbolt system for greater security in your RV, camper, or trailer. The interior safety release button allows for an emergency exit should a dire situation occur. The key access provides an alternative way of operating the locking mechanism should the batteries die. Also, the lock supports two pins - the factory default PIN and the user PIN - so as to improve security by providing a stronger locking system and additional safety features.


Greater Convenience
Trailer locks are important for the security of your RV and its contents. An electronic travel trailer lock is a fantastic choice for increased safety and security. It allows you to unlock or lock your trailer door with a simple press of a few buttons. When opening the door, the ergonomic handle design delivers an easy and comfortable grip - great for those with issues such as arthritis. Audio feedback also clearly informs you when your keypad is unlocked, locked, or out of battery. Even in low light, the illuminated keypad makes it simple to use without keys.




  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Audio feedback to indicate unlocking, locking, and low battery conditions
  • Illuminated keypad for keyless entry
  • Easy to install in many standard door cutouts
  • Interior safety release button for emergency exit
  • Key access for alternative lock operation
  • Supports two pins - factory default and user
  • Powered using one Type 123 lithium battery
  • Robust deadbolt system provides more security
  • Key Alike ready
  • Limited warranty


Long Battery Life, Easy To Install
The electronic travel trailer lock is compatible with standard door cutouts and features a simple installation procedure. The Type 123 lithium battery has a long battery life and includes a limited warranty, allowing you to have peace of mind while using the lock. Our digital travel trailer lock is ideal for securing your travel trailer or simply wanting a simple way to secure your door.


Greater Peace Of Mind
If you're looking for increased security while on the road, look no further than our electronic travel trailer lock. This lock offers many features and benefits that will give you peace of mind while traveling. Our Customer Care Team is available to answer any questions you may have about this product and can help you make your purchase. Order your electronic travel trailer lock today!

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