RV Dual Propane Tank Monitor Panel

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  • RV Dual Propane Tank Monitor Panel
  • RV Dual Propane Tank Monitor Panel
  • RV Dual Propane Tank Monitor Panel
  • RV Dual Propane Tank Monitor Panel
  • RV Dual Propane Tank Monitor Panel
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Ask any seasoned RV enthusiast, and they will likely agree that propane is very important to the RVing lifestyle. Why? Propane (also called LP, LPG, or Liquid Propane Gas) is a source of fuel and energy that is easy to get and easy to store up in large quantities. Many RV appliances, such as the water heater, furnace, stove, and oven, use propane fuel stored in your RV and thus need it to function. There are also many portable RV and camping appliances and accessories that take advantage of propane fuel, such as lamps. Regardless of how you use your propane, it is vital to monitor the fuel levels of your propane tanks, so you do not run out of gas by surprise. RecPro can help you do that with our Dual Propane Tank Monitor Panel.

The purpose of this USA-made device is simple to understand. It is intended to monitor the level of propane gas inside your propane tanks. This monitor panel allows you to monitor up to two propane tanks at once, so you do not need an individual panel for each tank you have. Instead, you will be able to keep an eye on your two propane tanks with a straightforward monitor!

The flip switch on the right of the panel allows you to easily change monitoring between the first LP tank and the second LP tank. The tank monitor panel displays information on the left side of the panel. It only lights up when you press the small LPG button located on the bottom. When the button is pressed, a bright LED light will light up in one of four positions to indicate the current level of the selected tank. These positions indicate Full (F), 2/3 Full, 1/3 Full, and Empty (E).


This black Dual Propane Tank Monitor Panel is made right here in the USA. It uses 12v power and is built with 22AWG 300v wiring. This tank monitor panel is easy to install and measures 3 ¾" wide by 5" high. The Dual Propane Tank Monitor Panel does not include any tools or hardware for installation, such as screws or adhesives.

If you want to make sure that your RV living and camping adventures go over smoothly, then start by ensuring that you can easily keep track of your propane tank levels. If you want to equip your rig with a Dual Propane Tank Monitor Panel such as this one, contact our Customer Care team members or use our website! Do you have questions or comments? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us over the phone or online, and we will be happy to help out!



  • Monitor panel for your RV propane tanks
  • Monitors two propane tanks at once
  • Flip switch allows you to change displays between tank 1 and tank 2 easily
  • Easy-to-read display
    • Uses bright LED lighting to display when your propane tank is Full (F), 2/3 Full, 1/3 Full, and Empty (E).
  • Small LPG (liquid propane gas) button turns the indicator lights on
  • Made in the USA
  • Black
  • 12v
  • 22AWG wiring 300v
  • 3 ¾" H x 5" W
  • Does not include tools or hardware for installation


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