RV Deadbolt Electronic Door Lock

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  • RV Deadbolt Electronic Door Lock
  • RV Deadbolt Electronic Door Lock
  • RV Deadbolt Electronic Door Lock
  • RV Deadbolt Electronic Door Lock
  • RV Deadbolt Electronic Door Lock
  • RV Deadbolt Electronic Door Lock
  • RV Deadbolt Electronic Door Lock
  • RV Deadbolt Electronic Door Lock
  • RV Deadbolt Electronic Door Lock
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Electronic Door LockSafety and security are always a concern when you are traveling, especially with an RV, camper, or trailer. After all, it is difficult to relax and enjoy your travels if you are always worried or anxious about your security. You wouldn’t want someone breaking into your RV while you are asleep or away, would you? Equip your rig with a maximum security lock such as this RV Deadbolt Electronic Door Lock from RecPro, and you will be able to relax with peace of mind!

Long battery life

Lock Strike PlateThis electronic door lock provides you with high-tech bank-level security in one small package. This door lock is designed using close field technology, allowing you to lock and unlock your door via Bluetooth using a paired device. That’s right; this next-generation keyless technology lets you operate your door lock with only your phone! It features bank-level encryption security and even tracks locking and unlocking history, giving you an incredible level of security. Despite how intense the security of this lock is, it can still easily be paired and operated by multiple devices. There are apps for both IOS and Android compatible with IOS 10 and Android 7 or later that will allow you to operate and manage the locks via Bluetooth and monitor the battery life. This intelligent keyless entry system tracks the position of the deadbolt and even provides you with audio feedback when successfully locking or unlocking.


Don’t want to use Bluetooth? That’s fine; this deadbolt electronic door lock also features keypad entry with Alsentis HSS keypad technology. The keypad is able to determine the difference between human touch and contact from other things, such as liquids, and can be programmed with a 4-digit pin number. The keypad also features touch indicator lights that shine blue when detecting touch, green when you enter the right code, red when there is an error, and yellow when the battery is low. Speaking of batteries, this door lock runs on self-contained power using the four included long-lasting AA batteries. Worried you might lose your phone and forget your pin, locking yourself out of your RV? Don’t be. This door lock comes with a physical key you can use to operate the lock and deadbolt, even if the batteries are dead.

A secure RV is within your reach when you equip your rig with this RV Deadbolt Electronic Door Lock from RecPro. Use our website or talk to our Customer Care Team today to order yours!


  • Next-Generation Keyless Technology
    • Close Field Technology lets you lock and unlock with a paired device
    • Can be paired with multiple devices Bank-level encryption security Tracks lock/unlock history
    • Indicates battery life
  • Android And iOS Apps
    • Let you operate and manage locks via Bluetooth
    • Compatible with IOs 10 or later, Android 7 or later
  • Intelligent Keyless Entry System
    • Tracks deadbolt position
    • Indicates low battery level
    • Provides audio feedback when locking/unlocking
  • Alsentis HSS keypad technology
  • Self-contained power using four included AA batteries
  • One key
    • Able to operate lock and deadbolt in case of dead battery or user forgets keycode
  • Programmable keycode with 4-digit pin number
  • Touch Indicator Light
    • Detects and indicates each tough with a blue light
    • Indicates proper code entry with a green light
    • Indicates errors with a red light
    • Indicates low battery with a yellow light
  • Requires less power
  • Long battery life
  • Door locks are non-matching
  • Can distinguish between human touch and liquids
  • Does not need to be "awakened"
  • Dimensions: 4 3/4"H x 7 1/2"W x 2 3/4"D
  • Rough Opening: 2 3/4" x 3 3/4"
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