Custom RV Day Night Shades

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Made in America

Please Note: The blinds are made custom by your preferences, please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping.


Valance and side panels pictured above are not included, for reference only.

Please call if you have questions about ordering or custom options or want to order a sample of a specific color (574) 848-0405

Fabric is 100% polyester

Day Shades

The best day shades are those which are supplied in light colors on sheer fabric, which allows you to enjoy just the right amount of sunlight during the day. At the same time, this kind of fabric blocks out the direct light and heat of the sun, allowing you to maintain a stable ambient temperature and save your eyes from the glaring rays beating down upon your RV.

Night Shades

The nighttime colors we offer are all opaque, so you can benefit from privacy whether it’s the middle of the night or day. All you have to do is pull your blinds down all the way and no one will be able to see past them. There’s nothing better if you’re parked up in a crowded campsite and you just want to get away from it all.  These are not full black out material but you can't see through them from the outside.  We do offer full black material with our roller shades if you also want to block the sun.

Select the Specific Size You Need

The most important task you have to complete if you want your shades and blinds to have the optimal effect is to measure your windows. Naturally, you’ll need to choose a length that covers all of the window area and a little bit below it too. Once you have worked out the length you want to cover, our team of experts can get started on making your customized set.

If you already have some existing accessories attached to your window, such as drapes or valances, then you’re going to need to factor that into your measurements. Ultimately, you want your shades to fit underneath the existing fittings in your RV.

In general, we offer a wide range of widths and heights for you to choose from, going all the way from 5.5” to 71” in width and 5.5” to 84” in height. As you can imagine, this vast set of choices enables you to cover just about any type of RV window you can imagine.

Essential Components to Know

When you purchase your day and night pleated shades, it’s vital that you understand what you’re going to get. This product always comes with the following components and options as explained below.

  • A choice of 2 daytime sheer fabric colors
  • A selection of 19 opaque nighttime fabric colors
  • Widths and heights to fit any RV window
  • Standard square rail with lift knobs and rounded fingertip lift rail. Both come in an off-white color.

Place your order right away to receive your custom-made pleated shades as soon as they’re ready. If you’ve got any questions, all you need to do is drop us a line.

How to pick the right size:

When measuring, you'll want to measure the length or "drop" of the entire area covered. It's important to make sure you pick the right size, we manufacture the exact size you order. Make sure the entire window area is covered to assure a custom fit. If you already have valances or draperies installed, make note that your measurement for the width size allows the blind to fit under the current window treatment.

*These custom RV Blinds are non-refundable

*Valance shown in picture is not included

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