RV Converter 125 Amp, 110V AC to 12V DC with 4 Stage Smart Charging

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  • Blue and gray RecPro RV 125 amp smart charging converter.
  • Blue and gray RecPro RV 125 amp smart charging converter front view.
  • Blue and gray RecPro RV 125 amp smart charging converter back view.
  • Fixed and smart output modes. Built-in reverse polarity, overload, and thermal protections. Maintenance free design saves you time and effort.
  • Blue and gray RecPro RV 125 amp smart charging converter measurements.
  • Blue and gray RecPro RV 125 amp smart charging converter side profile.
  • Blue and gray RecPro RV 125 amp smart charging converter top view.
  • Close up on the fan for the cooling system of the converter.

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Even an amateur RVer understands how important - vital, even - power is when it comes to RV living. Without power, you won’t be able to use any of your RV appliances or accessories! RV campgrounds usually have power stations, but most of them provide 110v power, while RV appliances use 12v power. The RecPro 4-Stage Smart Converter & Charger can help you convert that 110v AC power into reliable, usable 12v DC power.

Clean DC Power And Quick Battery Charging
The RecPro 4-Stage Smart Converter/Charger can convert 110v AC electrical power into 12v DC power and charge your RV batteries. It is compatible with lead and lithium battery types, has three fixed output modes at 13v, 14.6v, and 16.5v, and is equipped with built-in protection for Reverse Polarity, Overload, and Thermal issues. This provides you with reliability, versatility, and a great deal of peace of mind. You can connect it in series or parallel to increase power output. Additionally, it has four built-in smart charging stages: Fast Charge, Standard Charge, Trickle Charge, and Equalization Charge.


  • Fixed output mode voltage can be set to 13V, 14.6V, and 16.5v
  • Can be wired in series or parallel to reach even higher power outputs
  • Ideal for use in RV, automotive, boat, car audio, or any applications where battery charging or 12V power is needed
  • Engineered with the user and variable environmental conditions in mind

4 stage smart charging. Normal charge. Boost charge. Float charge. Desulfation.

The RecPro 4-Stage Smart Converter & Charger offers four powerful smart charging options for your RV battery. Fast Charge completely charges a drained battery quickly. Standard Charge charges the battery at a slower rate and provides 12-volt power to your RV appliances and lighting, extending battery life. Trickle Charge maintains the battery charge during long periods of inactivity so that it is always ready to use. Equalization Charge balances cell voltage and removes sulfate build-up, improving battery life and capacity.

If you're looking for a way to power your RV and charge your batteries while also efficiently running your appliances and lights, consider purchasing a RecPro 4-Stage Smart Converter/Charger. You can easily order one on our website or reach out to our Customer Care Team if you need help.


  • Maintenance free design
  • Lets you charge RV batteries or power 12V equipment
  • Works with both lead batteries and lithium batteries
  • Fully charge and maintain any battery type while providing clean DC power
  • Fast Charge: Quickly charges a drained battery to full voltage
  • Standard Charge: Safely charges and prolongs the life of a battery while providing power to run 12v lighting and accessories
  • Trickle Charge: Keeps a battery fresh and ready to go during periods of prolonged inactivity
  • Equalization Charge: Prolongs battery life and capacity by removing sulfate build-up and balancing the voltage of each battery cell

Auto-speed fun to keep it running cool. Easy to connect hookups. Works with both lead and lithium batteries.


  • Exact replacement for the WF-9800 series
  • Internally mounted cooling fan - quiet and temperature controlled
  • Reverse polarity, overload, and thermal protection
  • LED indicator light
  • Built-In 4-stage smart charging: Fast Charge, Standard Charge, Trickle Charge, and Equalization Charge
  • 3 Fixed output modes: 13.0v, 14.6v, 16.5v


  • Input: 105 - 130v AC
  • DC output voltage (no load) approx.: 16.5/14.6/13.0V
  • Max amp output continuous: 125 amps
  • Max power output continuous: 1700 watts
  • Max AC Current: 17 amps
  • Typical efficiency: more than 93%
  • Fan control: proportional
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 9.5 x 3.5
  • Weight: 9 pounds

Blue and gray RecPro RV 35 amp smart charging converter measurements.

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