RV Central Vacuum Sweep-O-Vac Kit

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  • RV Sweep-O-Vac Central Vacuum Kit
  • RV Sweep-O-Vac Central Vacuum Kit
  • RV Sweep-O-Vac Central Vacuum Kit
  • RV Central Vacuum Sweep-O-Vac Kit
  • RV Sweep-O-Vac Central Vacuum Kit
  • RV Central Vacuum Sweep-O-Vac Kit
  • RV Sweep-O-Vac Central Vacuum Kit
  • RV Sweep-O-Vac Central Vacuum Kit
  • RV Sweep-O-Vac Central Vacuum Kit
  • RV Sweep-O-Vac Central Vacuum Kit
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Sweep-O-Vac front

Whether in an RV or a brick-and-mortar house, everyone loves a clean home. But cleaning can often be inconvenient or even difficult for older people or those with impaired movement. Thankfully, RecPro has a way to make keeping your RV or home clean a bit more convenient with the Sweep-O-Vac! This nifty gadget is designed and engineered in Ireland and works as a vacuum and a dustpan all in one!

The Sweep-O-Vac is an excellent cleaning asset to have for those who are older aged or have difficulty moving around. "Why," you may be asking? Because you do not need to bend over to use it! A simple nudge with your foot or your broom will turn this unit on and off, sucking up all the dirt and debris you have swept up! The Sweep-O-Vac can fit nearly any kitchen, utility room, RV, or camper and is great for dust and pet hair!


To use your Sweep-O-Vac, all you need to do is sweep your dirt in front of the unit, tap the button with your foot or broom, and sweep the dirt in. All done! No bending down with a dustpan and shaking it off in the trash required!

The Sweep-O-Vac can be easily fitted in 30 minutes thanks to the cardboard measuring template and operating manual with included installation instructions. The unit is designed to sit flush with the surface around it. It contains a ten-foot power cord along with four Philips-head screws, so you do not need to install it directly next to an outlet! It measures 14 ¾" wide, 3 ¾" high, 17 ¾" long, and weighs only 8.8lbs, so there are many places in your home or RV that this handy machine can fit.


With the Sweep-O-Vac, you are getting a whole lot. This silver 120v vacuum comes with a hose that can extend from six feet to eighteen feet, three reusable bags, and one Hepa filter. Also included are three wonderful vacuum tools; a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a brush tool that attaches to the upholstery tool. The extendable hose can help you reach any part of your RV with your vacuum and tools. The narrow crevice tool lets your get into hard-to-reach areas such as between couch cushions, while the upholstery and brush tools are excellent for fabrics and carpets.

detailThere are three reusable bags with this unit, with one being preinstalled in the unit along with the HEPA filter. These reusable bags are fantastic, as they eliminate the need to buy more and more bags and can quickly be emptied, cleaned, and replaced. Replacing a full bag is as simple as sliding out the drawer, removing the old bag, inserting a clean bag, and closing the drawer.

The Sweep-O-Vac is not designed or intended for small sharp objects, superfine dust, bathrooms, moisture, water, or other liquids.

Keeping your RV clean and tidy can be a huge hassle. But with the help of the Sweep-O-Vac, cleaning can be far more convenient! Use our website or have a talk with our customer care team to get one for your RV today! If you have any questions, feel free to call us or speak with us online!



  • Includes clip-on 6' to 18' extendable hose, crevice tool, upholstery tool, attachable brush for upholstery tool
  • Includes 3 reusable bags, 1 HEPA filter, and cardboard measuring template
  • 4 Philips head mounting screws
  • Operating manual with installation instructions
  • 10' power cable
  • 120v, 60Hz, 6A
  • 8.8lbs
  • 14 ¾" Width, 3 ¾" Height, 17 ¾" Long
  • Sucks up debris after sweeping; no bending over is needed
  • Great for pet hairs and cleaner floors
  • Fits almost any kitchen, utility room, or RV
  • Plugs into a standard electrical outlet
  • Designed and engineered in Ireland
  • Silver stainless steel look
  • Easily fitted in 30 minutes
  • Conforms to UL STD. 1017
  • Certified to CSA STD. C22.2NO.243-17
  • Designed for everyday dry dust and debris
  • Not intended for water or superfine dust
  • Not designed for small sharp objects such as pins or paperclips
  • Do NOT install in a bathroom or expose to moisture
  • Do NOT vacuum water or other liquids


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